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Do you still use maps?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
And, by that I don’t mean Google maps or a GPS – I mean the real old-school maps.

For me, heck no. I’ve always been bad with direction and even worse with the old-school maps. I must prefer a GPS where they tell you exactly where to go.


Registered Member
I don't even own a map much less use one. I am unsure if I would be able to use one correctly to be honest. My father however is a massive walker. He has climbed more mountains than I will ever see let alone go to the top and he swears by maps. He doesn't need a GPS unit just a map and a old fashioned compass.

I like having Google maps but to be honest it does worry me that we are so realiant on it in this day and age because if I am in an unfamilier place and I lose my network signal or my phone battery dies I am stuck. Even asking people for directions confuses me. The other thing that worries me is that as good as it is Google Maps is not infallable and I have seen it make mistakes at times.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I love good old fashioned maps and use them pretty frequently. I have a GPS in my car and it's pretty useful, and I also use Google Maps a lot, but I still prefer using a road atlas for trip planning.

Also, being a hiker I love topographical maps and can study them for hours. Being able to read a map is an important skill to have, though I do need to brush up on my compass skills.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I like old fashion maps too, especially topographical ones. When we were on vacation I liked knowing how steep a climb we were about to have. I still like GPS, that has come in useful when we were trying to find the location of a business. Plus if you are hiking it keeps up with where you have been.


Registered Member
Not me but my cousin is probably the only person I know who still uses maps on a regular basis. She always keeps one in her car when we ride together.