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Do you still use eBay?


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Staff member
Is anyone here still using eBay? I've purchased things recently but that's it. I haven't sold a single thing on eBay for several months.

I'm waiting for them to shift their pricing structure into reverse. :)

Actually, I really don't know why they don't change their listing fees. You have to know that their users would be very happy, and they would probably make more money if they lowered fees.

What companies do you sell through now?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Nope not me! I won't sell there till they cut out all the BS and get it back on track.

Right now i'm selling at conventions and to other shops. As far as I am concerned eBay can take a long walk off a short peir.

Till the fees go down I will do my buisness elsewhere....


New Member
I still use Ebay to purchase things, however not to sell things. As noted above the policies they have are a rip-off. I do know a bunch of people that are doing higher end product that will not use anything else. I guess its their sense of security to utilize ebay still. What do you think?


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I still purchase from ebay, but I only sell there on occassion. I used to do quite well selling there, then it stopped being profitable or fun. Not only did the fees raise, but it seemed like every other customer started trying to wheedle every little bit off of you that they could, after they had won the auction. I started a policy of "if you aren't happy, send it back. I don't do partial refunds." Still, I would get so stressed because I do try to send out a great quality item.


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I VERY occasionally sell on Ebay still. I have shifted my business sales strictly over to my websites, but still sell some 'junk' on Ebay. They have the biggest market. If I'm selling the homeschooling book I don't need anymore, or some clothes my kids grew out of, Ebay is the best way to do it. Sad... but true.


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Melos - there's a site at thislittlepiggystayshome.com that is better for selling homeschooling books... especially since eBay has gone to not allowing teacher's editions to be sold anymore.


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I usually sell around the holiday time. I buy all the time. I havent looked into the fee changes for this year yet but i keep hearing about it. :stare: If i have a good collectiable i use it.


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I haven't sold anything in quite a while. What I read in groups about buyers makes me not want the headaches. I actually don't buy much there, either. For me, Amazon.com is the new eBay. Sometimes the prices are lower and shipping is usually more reasonable or even free.


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I only browse every now and then, I never really find anything worth buying now.


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I still buy a lot of items off of ebay but I really haven't checked out any alternatives. What are the good auction sites to shop at?!

I have not sold anything in a while but I may get into that soon as I am moving in the next month. I'm sure that during the packing process I will find itmes that need a new home.