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Do you still send letters?


aka ginger warlock
Aside from the obvious things such as bills, insurance papers etc do you send letters any longer? My mum used to send christmas letters every year to close friends and relatives etc and she has started doing it by email recently.

I can't remember the last time I wrote or indeed sent a letter, I think with word processors, computers and email I probably won't ever do it again and in a way I think that is a little sad.


Registered Member
I prefer to send hand written letters! Yes I still send them, as well as cards and little gifts just for the fun of it. I always send birthday cards to family and friends. And if I see a little sumpin sumpin that looks like someone close to me might like it, I'll get it and mail it to them via snail mail! I email a lot too, but to me, it's always extra special to do the hand written stuff :)


yellow 4!
I don't write letters, but it's not like I've stopped since I never used to either [not regularly anyway... just to my parents if I'm away on a school trip or something].

The closest I come is writing in birthday/greetings cards. I send an overseas friend a card for a few occasions throughout the year and we always get a big one and fill the whole thing with writing. So I suppose that's just like a letter, except... It's not? Anyway, she's the only person I really do that for unless it's a special exception. All other greeting cards are just 'Dear whoever Love Bex' type deals.


Not really anymore. And I feel sorry for that because sending hand-written letters is very original and kind. But now that the technology has substituted everything, sending letters is the last thing that goes on my mind.
The last letter I sent was a Christmas one. It happened 2 years ago.


Registered Member
I don't think I've ever sent a letter, I grew up with fax and the internet. Even my bills (I only have one for my phone) is done online.

But, the romance and charm of a letter attracts me. I'd love to write a letter, it, to me, has much more feeling and intent in it.


New Member
In this age of technology people don't prefer to write letter.They don't want to wait. People want to get information by one click.


I ♥ Haters
I haven't written a letter in almost... ever. With the exception of my cable and hydro bills, everything I do is online. Emails and texts are generally the way to go for me. That being said, I do send birthday cards to friends and family members by snail mail. I dunno, sending a birthday e-card kinda loses its appeal. It just doesn't feel right.


Registered Member
I only write christmas cards and birthday cards but only the christmas cards go in the mail. everything else is email or texting or ecards.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5

I love writing them and getting them. Lately though I save it for people who like them or will most likely keep them. Of course, not talking about the bills thing or administrative letters....those, I hate.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Really the only letters I write now-days are thank you letters. I've done a few of those the past couple of months. They weren't anything too elaborate.