Do you spell check?


Hell, It's about time!
Before you post a long post or long words do you spell check you posts either by Google or in a Word document?
Firefox also takes care of my spelling. I always check my spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. If I see something wrong after I post, I fix it immediately.
It has become a habit, I think.


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Always. Whatever I write represents me to the world so I always double-check my spelling, grammar and punctuation.


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FireFox has a nice little feature where it spell checks for me. I'm not really a bad speller in the first place, though... So I don't typically need it.
i wish but the one on FF deletes what i wrote and my word has expired.... thats why i sound like a bloddy idiot most days... i cant spell and its really hard to spell check, honestly i dont feel like putting out the effort sometimes either