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Do you shave the hair down there?


Do What Thou Wilt
Well, do ya?

I've taken up shaving, well because the chicks dig it. :D
But getting nicked is not pleasant, at all.


Ms. Malone
Try an electric shaver?

I rarely shave my legs, so no - i don't shave down below :lol:


Sally Twit
Yes I agree, Magnum. Nothing better than feeling like you're blowing a little boy.
Leave something down there, jeez.

I don't get rid of it all but I don't like to keep a garden down there either.


Oh yessa, I shave my junk, for sure.

Bliss, you should be able to tell the difference between a little boy & a full grown man that likes the feel of smooth balls. Haha.


Where is my Queen?
I keep my junk trimmed, I don't like to shave down there. I tried it once and I cut my sack slightly. Not going to do it again because it hurted.


Sally Twit
I don't think it looks right if you get rid of it all. Nobody needs a bush but I think you should leave something.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I shave everything, I'm in totally agreement with Kons statement about Bliss assertion. I think clean shaving looks way better than having some hair down there. I don't shave every day, but I try to maintain every other days.