Do you sell on Ebay?


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I had a beautiful gift boutique, but when gas hit $4.00 a gallon and the economy went south, business came to a screeching halt. So, I have a whole bunch of stuff that I would love to sell to try to recoup some of our money.

My problem is taking pictures of things. I'm not a photographer, so I know it has a lot to do with lighting. Any suggestions?

Also, do you have any other suggestions to make it successful?


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I have found that if you go outside and take your pics you get great lighting and the pics come out better.

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The more eye catching or eye popping your auction is the better sales you will have, and it also makes your auctions stand out above all the rest.
You have to remember that when selling things on eBay, presentation is 90% of the sale.
If the item looks clean and is in good shape then chances are it will sell high. Make sure to list all the things that come in the auction like "the box and instructions" be very detailed in your descriptions.

(Cleaning Tip) Now if you want to fetch top dollar for your stuff then you will need to make sure the item and box is cleaned and polished up.
I recommend 409 sprayed on the item or a rag to clean it up, then to make items or boxes shine like new you wipe the item or box down with Unscented Pledge. You will also want to remove any old sales/Price tags (Goo be Gone can help you there).

What I used to do was spend Sunday taking pics and writing up descriptions for auctions and then I would just copy and paste all the stuff I need for the auction on the following Monday.

You can still make money on eBay but you just have to work smarter not harder to get it.


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I rarely sell on ebay anymore because if problems that I have ran into in the past with fraud.. it was too much to deal with and became a huge problem.. That and I don't have anything I want to sell at the current moment =)

I don't even buy off of ebay anymore. I will buy if I find a really good deal, but beyond that, I will just go buy what I need at the store.


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I rarely sell on eBay but I do buy from time to time. If something is pretty expensive new then I will definitely wait it out on eBay until I can find a cheaper used version for sale.


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I've only sold a few computer parts I had extras of that I never used and a calculator I had to buy for one of my classes for 1 semester. Other than that I only buy new stuff on there and I'm picky as to the seller to make sure they have a good track record. I do have a treadmill at home I wouldn't mind unloading because I don't use it and maybe used it a total of 5 times since I bought it because I just got a gym membership instead but I'm not selling that on ebay cuz I'm not shipping the sucker anywhere.


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I've never sold anything on ebay as I have never wanted to sell.

I look around for things to purchase occasionally. I've always been worried about being screwed over on ebay but with all this rating and reputation system there is some peace of mind so eventually I will be looking to sell a few bits and pieces.


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Thanks for the advice...I'm going to give it a go. All of my stuff is brand new and the boxes are in mint condition.

I really appreciate the input.


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I know this thread is kinda dead already, but still while its semi-fresh.

I've sold quite a few things, made a damn good buck off 'em to. Mostly old video games that I dont play anymore. The last batch I sold I made about 200 bucks off 3-4 games and it was awesome. I've got 2 more on sale currently that I'm hoping will balance out my last few ebay purchases.

Also I've got another venture I'm getting ready to work on with selling on ebay. I've got a tree that drops these ginormous pinecones in the front yard. Big Ol' things, I'm talking 8-12 inches tall each. I happened to do a random search on ebay one day and found that pinecones like that were going anywhere from 5-25 bucks apiece on ebay as hobby/seasonal decoration stuff. Talk about money growing on trees!


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I normally just buy on ebay but i have a peice of football memrobelia from 1966 which i was thinking of selling.

My father was 6 years old and was staying in hendon hotel, the year england won the world cup and went back to hendon hotel after they won. They were in the room opposite my fathers so himself along with his parents got invited accross and they gave him a coin, the cork from the first bottle of champagne opened and a container for them (the container is decorated like a football pitch and has a see through side to it).

It's kinda cool i thought :D