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Do you play sports


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Do you play any sports?

I play dodgeball almost all year round. It's lots of fun and I get pretty competitive.

In the summer I play softball. I've been playing all my life. I love playing. I also play golf about 20-30 times during the summer. I'm not greatest by any stretch but every year I improve.


Registered Member
Currently, no. But I played baseball from kindergarten until seventh grade. I played soccer from first grade until sixth grade, took one year off, then played it again in eighth grade. I also wrestled competitively in fourth grade (I sucked, I was 0-4) but took the wrestling classes from third grade until sixth grade.

Other than that, I played intramural co-ed floor hockey in undergrad during sophomore and junior year, and I played in a charity lacrosse tournament last July in Rochester (I played for the Toronto team; I led the tournament in penalty minutes with 13 in 6 games and we won the championship).

I really miss playing baseball, and I actually miss wrestling because of the conditioning aspect of it.


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I couldn't anymore if I wanted to... ATV accident when I was a kid, I will have shin splints until the day I die. Any type of running/walking long times will result in my front lower leg muscles feeling like they want a vacation from my tendons.


The return shall be legenday!
That must kill Cryps! As you guys already know, whatever Bizzy does socially or activity I'm probably next to him in some capacity. Last year I took the year off from sports as I needed to shift my attention towards my newborn son, but I'm back into it this year and it feels great. I've missed softball the most and hoping to join my friends team over the summer.