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Do you password protect your computer?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I require a password to access my computer so if anyone were to ever rob me they can't use it and see everything I have on it. Well unless they are good at hacking then its going to be hard to stop them. Wish it had GPS tracking on it so I could find out who stole it to begin with. Really don't know if that can even be done, never tried.

I was wondering how many of you require a password to access your computer or your cell phone?


Secret Agent
Staff member
If you use Windows, you can add drive encryption to your hard drives. If all you have is a login password, this will not stop somebody from accessing your files if they stole your computer. They just need to put that hard drive in another computer and access it as an admin and they can grant themselves the rights to view it.

With full drive encryption enabled, they'll be unable to access the drive unless they have the encryption password. You can set it so you have to type the password in every time you turn on your computer. Then they will most likely just give up and erase the drive in a worst case scenario. Hacking 256-bit encryption is virtually impossible for the average thief, not to mention most anyone if it is done right. This level of encryption is what the military and government uses to protect its confidential files as well.


Well-Known Member
Just a basic login password, but its nothing special since it's my home computer. My work computer is different since we store sensitive client information, it's password protected and digital key locked as well. I use to lock my cell phone back int he day but now I don't, there's nothing really special on there and all my passwords for my apps are manual, not saved or automatic.



Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I do on my chromebook at home. And, for work I have to.

I used to work at a place that I couldn't leave my computer without locking it, even if I only had to go to the washroom. It took some time to get used to that.


Registered Member
Only login passwords so people at home can't access my PC or other gadgets. All my important data is on another PC that I have access to but don't control - especially the financial stuff.
Also, I had a bad experience with an encryption algorithm and lost files when I forgot the password. Mirage is totally correct. Only an epic hacker could ever beat 256 bits.
Btw, it was DIY code. Windows probaly has a better system for encryption but there's probaly nothing on my gadgets that nobody else has. So fine. If somebody ever steals my gadgets then they can have the files. I'll just use my backups and start over.


The only passwords I have are for forum sites and other various sites that I am on, nothing for my computer, because it is just me and my dog so I have zero worries, in fact I have no password of passcode for my phone because it NEVER leaves my pocket unless I use it then it goes right back in my pocket. . . . . . .


Registered Member
No password is great until somebody else gets it. Or gets access to it.

All my computers has passwords. I use fingerprint technology on my phone and laptop. Before that I did patterns and before that codes.

My work computer is encrypted. I have an encrypted USB storage device I use for sensitive stuff. I've had phones stolen out of my pockets - glad I passwords on them and security settings to wipe them clean after 10 bad passwords.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Yes although I feel like it won't really protect me from anyone hacking it. My cellphone has 2 passwords too and the info I keep on my phone is way more valuable than what I keep on my computer.


Registered Member
My computer requires a password in order to access it, although I have nothing on my computer that has information that's personal or that I want to hide from anyone else.