Do you name your electronics?

DO you name your electronics?

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Like do you have something that you call say, your computer, iPod, DVD player, etc.

For example, at my old anime club, there was a DVD player called God. It was one of those region free ones that could play Divx files too. When God died, they got a new one, this time called Satan. Their server was Kelly.

For me I have a lot of named stuff revolving around my Computer, Aura. My iPod is Alice, my external HD is Mana, and My flash drive is Gardenia. C drive is Celia, and D is Dawn.

No but I find that quite funny :hah:
The only non-human thing I've ever named that doesn't require a name, is my car, which is called Mrs Taylor. Nothing electronic though like you've mentioned.


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I know a woman that kept an electronic batton in her bedroom. It was called 'Jesica Rabbit.'
She phoned me once with a stuttur "H,h,ho,how do y,y,you t,t,t,t,u,r,r,r,n this-thing-off?"


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I don't name any of my electronics unless you count yelling at it if I'm losing a game, ha.


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I never have, it sounds weird. I wonder if there's any correlation between this and naming one's privates?