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Do you mind Masai Ujiri's comments?(Fuc* Brooklyn)


The return shall be legenday!
Before game 1 Raptors General Manager Masai Ujiri finished his pep talk to the 1000's of fans at Maple Leaf square by saying FUC* Brooklyn. As a fan you obviously love it, but some media folks and others are calling it an embarrassment to the city of Toronto. Do you think as an "authority figure" Masai should've of acted more responsibly?


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I can see both sides, yeah he should've maintained a little bit of composure being the GM of an NBA franchise, however it was kinda refreshing to see someone who wasn't cookie cutter and said what he felt to fire his team's fanbase up


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I don't mind it, but that's mainly because I hate the Nets.


Sultan of Swat
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Yeah, I sort of agree with will. No need to give them extra motivation. That said, I thought it was pretty epic. Bourne said it perfectly too many people bite their tongues in this day and age. We need more people that speak their minds. That's why I love guys like Bobby Knight, Brian Burke. They'll say whatever they want, whenever they want.


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willge87 said:
I felt that the Raptors should have taken inspiration from the idea that Brooklyn "tanked" in order to face them. There was no reason to squander that and give Brooklyn inspiration.
I gotta go with Will on this one for several reasons. One is that Toronto is already getting/has a reputation of being classless thanks to one Mr. Rob Ford. No need to continue presenting ourselves as Clown Town. Second - dropping the F bomb on Brooklyn like that, and then the team subsequently losing, is nothing but an embarrassment. It's so commonplace nowadays to just talk trash and to swear and curse - it takes zero wit or intelligence. Would have been much better off sticking with the "careful what you wish for" theme - not only is it true, but Brooklyn should be made to feel embarrassed about tanking to face the Raptors, especially if they get beat by the Raptors.