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Do You Measure In Celsius Or Fahrenheit?


Supreme System Lord
Something that has annoyed me for years for some reason and I've never know the exact rule for conversion.

Which do you use and do you know the conversion?

I use celsius or centigrade. Even though all the weather channels tell you the temperature for both.

I know that 33c is about 100 Fahrenheit, that's about it.


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I measure in Celcius, and I don't even know how does Fahrenheit work.


yellow 4!
I measure in celsius, and I wouldn't be able to work out the conversion to fahrenheit, but I've grown kind of use to it from watching the weather channel so much in the USA lol.


Registered Member
I measure in Celsius too. It's what i was brought up to measure in.


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Fahrenheit because that's how I was brought up. If I need a conversion I'll hit up google but we don't even use Celsius in our measurements at the hospital.


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I was raised on Farenheit.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I dont exatcly know how fahrenheit works, I was brought with celcius so that's what I use.


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Celsius for me, never use Fahrenheit, so I don't really know the conversion too well.


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I use Fahrenheit but I know both.