Do you lose things often?


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Do you lose keys, cell phones, wallet, shoes etc very often?

I've never lost any of those things. I always have them on me and I never just leave them laying around. When I take off my shoes or charge my cell phone I always remember where I put it/them.

I never understood how people can lose these things but it seems like they are among the most common things to lose.


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I don't lose things often, but when I do on those rare occasions, I'll find something I was looking for ages ago but not what was just lost. A sick and annoying cycle.


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Marijuana really does screw with your memory.

With that said, yes. I constantly forget crap everywhere I go. I have never went to Red Lobster without forgetting something. Srsly. I can put my keys down and 3 seconds later I will totally forget where they are. It really does suck at times, namely when I have to be at work in 20 minutes and I can't find my shoes!


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I lost two of my three styluses (Uhh) on Friday. >__>

I lose my keys a fair bit, but alot of the time they've just fallen really deeply into my bag and I didn't find them the first time I looked.

I also lost an EB Games gift voucher once. I was pissed off. >_<
Because of that, I ended up having to use the cash that I had, to get a couple of games, I ended up spending $50, the amount the voucher was worth.
I then found it a few weeks later, but the game I wanted wasn't in EB and I didn't have any cash left. T.T

Oh, and I lose stationary all the time. Damn pens. >.>
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I seem to lose something every day, usually it's little things that I'll set down and forget where I put them. But, about 3 weeks ago at work I couldn't find the application for a quarter million dollar policy. I was ready to accuse my crazy co-worker of taking it until I looked in my alpha file the next day.:shifteyes:
It's very unlike me to actually put things where they belong, so it didn't even occur to me to look there.


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i dont lose my things often. if i put something down and then leave that place i will always realize im missing it and go to where i left it and get it.

my parents on the other hand always loosse things. it really annoys me when i have to help them look for theirthings all the time.


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I have never lost my cell or my wallet. I have lost my keys before. I often lose money tho like a dollar or two but i always find it a week later in my dryer.