Do you look your age?


Sultan of Swat
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Do you look your age? I know a few people have posted their pictures already, so we can sort of tell if you look your age or not. But in your opinion do you believe you look your age? Also if your of age, do you get carded still?


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I've always looked younger than I am, although when I have a beard people have told me I look older, so I guess it depends. A lot of times I don't get carded when I buy alcohol, yet I've been carded recently for buying a fucking lighter.


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Nope I look younger than I am and some people have even got as 10+ years younger than what I am so I must be doing something right although with all the stress I have it amazes me.


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I was always told I look older than what I really am. My fiance said the first time she saw me she thought I was in my mid-early twenties... in truth I was only 17 :hah:

But I've gotten that pretty much all my life. Oddly enough I have only been carded once for Alcohol. And the thing is I've never really grown a beard or something to sort of fake it like most of my friends tried in high school. They'd try to grow some BS goatee so that they would look older, I never really had to. But then again I've had the 5 o'clock shadow working for me since I was about 16


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I guess I look younger than I am. I think it depends, if I am wearing makeup and have myself done up then I think I look right on with my age, but if I am not wearing any makeup I look super young. I get carded all the time, but it doesn't really bother me.
I'd say I look pretty much my age but then again who's to say what you look like when your 21?


Sally Twit
I too have always looked younger than I am. I am 23 and usually always get asked for ID when buying alcohol or when trying to get in to a club. I don't go to them all that often and I don't buy alcohol all that often either. My friends and family have always said I look younger than 23.
I'm sure I'll be thankful for this when I am older.


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I have never been good with telling people's age nd that includes myself. Everyone always say's that I look younger. I will be 23 in september and I just put up a picture of myself. So you can look at it and decide, LOL. The pic was taken about 6 month ago so its not that old.