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Do you lock your front door?


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If you're in or in the vicinity of your home, do you lock the front door regardless, or leave it unlocked? Or any door to the outside world actually -

I remember when I was a kid, leaving it unlocked seemed pretty commonplace and normal. Now it seems that locking it is the right thing to do, as if there're zombies outside or something.

So what do you do?
And what do you reckon of the 'door-locking-security-conscious' culture that seems to have arisen? If you believe it has at all, that is.
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We always keep all of our exterior doors locked, not just the front door, unless one of us is doing something outside. We live in one of the safest areas in the entire country, but houses here are still broken into from time to time. Something as simple as a locked door can stop most break ins. Most of the burglaries I read about, the doors were left unlocked, either on cars or houses.


We always lock our apartment front door. It sounds strange for us to not lock it. It's about safety.


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We live in a very safe place too and there's always somebody at home. But we do lock the doors at night just to be safe. Anyway, I've never heard of any break-ins ever happening in our neighborhood but anything could happen.


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You see, I grew up in the country. We didn't lock anything. Moved to the city when I was 12ish, and when bikes started getting stolen and etc. I realized that you have to like, do that.

But really, you have to lock everything now. It's ridiculous. Recently our snow blower got stolen. Yeah. I honestly don't know the full details, we had borrowed it to my uncle and he "left it outside" and that was enough.


I lock everything at night, but during the day I often leave doors unlocked for a long time. My other family members tend to lock it but I just keep it open. Especially right now as it's Summer so we have our doors open to let some air in.


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i always lock my door as soon as i get in, then double check, my flat isnt in the best place in town, and honestly i dont feel all that safe there, it could be a lovely street apart from a few junkies and stuff that ruin it for everyone else.
when i lived with my mum and dad we used to leave our front door unlocked when we were in always locked it at night and when we went out though, we lived in a very nice part with lovely neighbours it was never a concern.


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I always lock it at night but I get annoyed when my front door is locked during the day. I rarely lock it when I go out for nearly any amount of time because I live in a super low crime area and it's not that important to do.


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I always have the doors locked at all times...even if I'm just stepping out to take out the trash or something.

I don't think it's weird; it's just what I've always done.


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Since moving to the UK, yes we always keep all the doors locked. Which is a huge pain in the ass, because for some fucking retarded reason, there is only one key for each door, so I have to knock to get into my own house.

Back home in NZ we never locked doors if someone was home. Well, my sister used to lock the doors when she was home alone, I think she was scared of someone breaking in or something, but everyone else would leave them unlocked. A lot of the time in summer we'd leave the doors wide open.