Do you listen to music or the tv while getting ready in the mornings?


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Most of the time I turn my tv on to VH1 to watch and listen to music videos. Some mornings I'll listen to the radio.
No, even back at school where I had to get ready every morning I didn't do this. I suppose it's because of going from my room to the bathroom a lot there's no point.

Nowadays, I don't get ready in the morning for school or work so it's a definate no all round.


Sultan of Swat
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Not I don't, I would if I had the time though. It takes me around ten minutes or so to get ready after my shower and such, so I don't really have time to watch television or listen to music. But if I really want to know a sports score from the previous night I'll make sure to turn on the tube.


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I am almost listening to music all the time, no matter what because I love it so much. Usually on a weekend I will watch a bit of music videos that they show on TV but apart from that its CD's and radio.


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Before, when I was still working, I would blast my favorite CD every morning to help me wake up and get into the groove.


Sally Twit
I don't put the TV on or listen to music in the mornings because I know it'll take me longer to get ready - especially if there's something good on the TV. I usually come on the Internet before work.