Do you like your laughter?


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Do you guys like the way you sound when laughing?

I was always a little bit jealous (innocent jealousy, of course) of my mum. Her laughter is amazing and very contagious. Without knowing what was said, people who join into the conversation and hear her laughing, start laughing!

I started paying attention to my laughter and came to the conlusion... that I hate it :rolleyes: In my opinion, it's nothing near elegant or cute.

What about yours?
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I love to laugh, I have a very unique one as well. A lot of people actually love to sound of my laugh. I don’t always laugh the same way, but when I find something really funny you’ll hear it, and it’s pretty loud, but not annoying.


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I love to laugh but I don't really like the sound of my laugh. It's a little high pitched, but it's not obnoxious.
I have no idea if I like the sound or not. I guess it's ok. The only problem with my laughter is trying to stop once I've started. I've had to call clients back because I've been laughing so much while talking to them. It always ends with my back hurting and my face wet with tears.
Now that I think about it, I'm pretty pathetic when it comes to laughing.:(


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I actually like my laugh. Except it is incredibly loud which can sometimes present issues as I often laugh when the neither the time nor place is appropriate.

Although, I do have many fake, or minimised laughs that I use in certain circumstances. But I'm fine with it. Its not like I honk or anything.