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Do you like to brag?


Sally Twit
There are a lot of people that like to brag. Are you one of them?

It could be about an accomplishment, something expensive you own, people you've slept with etc.

The idea for this thread came from a conversation I had with someone today. He has a few cars because his dad is pretty loaded. I was thinking to myself that I wouldn't want to brag about that because I didn't work for those cars. If I was given something as big as that I would keep it to myself I think.

I was also thinking about how I was just bragging in a thread about a high Arcade score. I'm not known to brag but I suppose if it is about an achievement then I will do it a little bit.


I think we all brag up to a point, even without realizing it.
I can't say I've never bragged about things, all I can say is that I've never bragged about money or expensive things. I haven't slept with anyone and even if I did I wouldn't brag about it. Actually, there's nothing to brag about. Whoever I sleep with is my business.

I remember bragging about some of my achievements in life like getting into the finals in a singing competition, years ago (lol) or other achievements I've had in school or outside of it (at work maybe).
But it's not that I go and scream "Hey look at me and everything I've done.."
If I happen to talk about a subject, I'll mention myself and tell what I've done. So I wouldn't call it bragging in the first place.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I try not to brag, but it happens sometimes. Bliss mentioned her arcade score. I've definitely bragged about my Pacman score, but that's just for fun and trying to get others to play the game, not "I'm better than you are, bow down!"

I have a friend who brags about everything - money, job, how many shots he made in a basketball game, etc. It's pretty pathetic.


yellow 4!
It's genuinely not something I like to do, no.
I think you have to have a certain level of competitiveness (which is good, in some ways) to be a bragger, and since I'm pretty much as anti-competitive as you can get when all joking is aside, it's not something I do. If I'm bragging then there's 95% chance I'm totally kidding.

It also helps that I suck at everything. :madame:


Problematic Shitlord
Whenever I brag, it's almost always in jest. I'm quite humble in person, probably to extents that are a bit annoying to people. I've learned to enjoy my successes in past months.


Registered Member
That sounds like the same Arcade I found! :hoorah:
I kinda like to brag if I accomplish something! :D And it doesn't even have to be 300,000 points or the Pacman championship. Me and 3 other guyz were bragging in the Arcade and it was awesome! :cool: I think it's really healthy cause it gets everybody excited about the games! :D Btw, that's def one really cool Arcade!
But I only brag if it's something I accomplish and I def wont brag unless someone wants to listen. But no way I'd brag about things people buy me. Except I might show people what I got but that's a good way to let people know what you like. And other people show me stuff they get too, then I know what kind of things they like. :nod:
Anyway, I think bragging's okay if people dont use it just to make themselves look better than everybody else. But it's easy to know when they're using it that way cause all people like that do IS brag. And they never talk any other way.

Btw, somebody needs to get back to the Arcade if they wanna try to get their Gold Miner 30 day championship back! :hoorah: :D
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Better Call Saul
Staff member
I have been known to brag on occasion and every once in a while. I'm a guy, I can be competitive sometimes.

I think it really depends on who I am bragging too. Some people bring out the worst in me haha.

I usually don't go overboard with it though.


Well-Known Member
If there's anything that I have a big ego about it's games, yeah I'm gonna make sure to be the first one to say that about myself in this thread, the arcade definitely used to be my biggest avenue for this kind of bragging. :lol:

Other than that I really don't brag about much of anything else (except maybe some computer stuff every once in a while).


I hardly ever do anything right or impressive. So I don't really get to opportunity to brag much.