Do You Like Political Humor?

Hello everyone, Im new to this forum and have just been reading alot but haven't found anything to post about quite yet. I was surfing the web and I know some people don't have a sense of humor, especially when it comes to politics, but for me, sometimes you just gotta have a laugh even if it is about your current economic/governmental situation. I came acrossed this funny T-shirt and picked up one so I thought Id share it with the fellow generalforum community. If political humor is your thing, you gotta take a look at this because it's funny to me at least. I think you can get the logo on other stuff too but I just got the T-shirt because I would use it most. Thank you all for reading and hope this provides you a good laugh!! :lol:


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I do like political humor. One of my favorites in the field is Bill Maher, but I like him on a panel more than stand-up.
wow, I feel like a moron. Forgot to put the link to the shirt I was talking about. Hahaha. Oh well, here it is because I can't seem to locate the edit post option so I will just put it into this post and hopefully everyone will read the whole thread. Again, hope everyone gets a good laugh out of this one, I know I did!

the shirt was at a cafepress store called musicscorner
:sigh: I haven't made enough posts to actually include the URL yet but
just go to (yes you have to actually type it into your browser because its not a link!! hahaha but it will be alright, you will get through it!!)