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Do you like FPS games featured with zombie style?


New Member
As the game says it all, I am developing a FPS game featured with zombie style, so I want to know that ordinary player would like it or not. Any advice would be appreciated.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm not a gamer but I think a lot of people like the zombies. As long as the game is a good one people should like it.


Creeping On You
I'm probably in the minority here, but I'm sick of zombies. This whole zombie fad needs to die off. Too many out there now. Plus they're all the same. Play super slow and careful or else you get horded and thats it. I'm a run and gunner type gamer, so I hate these 'gotta be careful and stealthy or else' type games.


Well-Known Member
Last century my game was tournament scrabble. Qi was added and I never looked back.
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