Do You Like Eating Crawfish?

Discussion in 'Food & Beverage' started by Mirage, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    I was at my favorite All-You-Can-Eat Chinese buffet the other day and I noticed they had added a new item to their menu. Crawfish:


    Now, don't get me wrong, apparently a lot of people eat these and enjoy them, but I can't stand the thought of eating even one of these. They look like bugs to me. I'm the same way with lobster. I tried it once and I realized I was grossed out the entire time and even gagged a few times. Strangely enough, I actually enjoyed the taste.

    I'd probably like these if it was just the meat, but I don't want to look at that while I eat it.
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  2. AngelsPeak

    AngelsPeak Wanna play?

    I agree, if I didn't have to look at it beforehand I'd have no problem trying it. But there's no way I could taste it after seeing it looking like that.:urp:
  3. storm_ina_C_cup

    storm_ina_C_cup Registered Member

    Funny as this may sound, I will only eat crawfish if it's a Cajun-type dish...(like Jambalya, etc.) other than that, I'd prefer to eat a lobster over a basket full of plain crawfish.
  4. idisrsly

    idisrsly I'm serious V.I.P. Lifetime

    I have no problem eating them. It doesn't bother me at all how they look. I've even gone diving, see them on the reef and as soon as I come back up from the dive I go straight to the seafod restaurant and eat them. They are divine.
  5. CaptainObvious

    CaptainObvious Son of Liberty V.I.P.

    I wouldn't say I'm crazy about them but every now and then a buddy of mine and I go into a Hooter's restaurant and drink a couple of beers and order a crapload of crawfish. I have no problem eating them.
  6. Dragon

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    Our local buffet serves crawfish. When I saw my aunt eating it, i was like gross, how can you eat that. She told me to try it and I was like no way. So I decided to try one and it was pretty good. So since then every time I go to that buffet, I would have a plate of crawfish. Its just depends how it is cooked. One time my uncles friend steamed the crawfish with just plain water, no seasoning and it wasn't good at all.
  7. BigBob

    BigBob Registered Member

    I've had them before at the buffet and they are really good. The brain is the most flavorful part of the crawfish. You've got to suck it out of the head.

    I've had them before at the buffet and they are really good. The brain is the most flavorful part of the crawfish. You've got to suck it out of the head.

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  8. Wade8813

    Wade8813 Registered Member

    I've never tried them. My problem isn't with their appearance, it's the fact that they're so small and with so little meat, and you have to dig it out of the shells. Crab is probably a lot easier to dig out, and that's a pain and a half.
  9. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    I've never had them before. They certainly don't look very appealing, but then again neither do lobsters or crabs. I'd be willing to try them though. If they're anything like lobster, then I could get over their nasty appearance.
  10. EllyDicious

    EllyDicious made of AMBIGUITY V.I.P. Lifetime

    I can't even look at them, let alone eat them.
    I've never been a fan of sea-food especially when species have a looks like that.
    It's just horrifying!

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