Do you like boats?


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This is one method of travelling i don't like.

I get very sea-sick and it scares me. I love been in the water, swimming. I just don't like been on the water, even if it's a boating lake or something.
A few years ago i went to Belgium, went on the ferry. I was ill the whole time i was there, Coming back i came through the channel tunnel, there was no way i was getting back on the ferry.


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I don't mind them,I go sea fishing every once in a while,the only time I don't like it or feel sick is if it's really rough on the way out,but that could be because we have a skinfull the night before and a big fry up very early before we leave.

I don't feel very comfortable in tiny boats,they do have to be a decent size.
I love being on the sea in a boat. I don't really like the sea in terms of being at the beach or whatever, but I do like boats. I've never felt sea sick before, that I remember. The only thing that would worry me is being far out to sea in a small boat, then my phobia of whales would really kick in even if we weren't far out enough. But if it was a ferry I'd be fine with that.


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I love being on boats. Never was one for fishing but I can pretend to fish and get a tan at the same time. I've done it before but oddly enough I still get fish on the hook without any bait lol Stupid fish.


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Boats is the devil!

:lol: I've been a big ol' ferry to France. That was just fine. Some people hated it though.


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For some reason this reminded me of this remote control boat my dad had. He'd drive it around the pool and one day my hair got stuck in its blades. Being a 7 year old girl with long hair, it was painful to say the least.


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What I don't like is the movement that is not compatible with my vertigo (although I haven't travelled by boat since my major attacks). Longest boat ride I had was almost an entire day. It was fun, the ship had activities. Just get drunk and you'll be fine haha. I don't know how to swim though and it scares me. I mean I know I can float for a few minutes. I've had swimming lessons but I don't think I know enough to handle surviving big boat accident by myself.


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I love to travel on boats, it may take a bit longer to get where you want to go but you are not in a flying sardine can that there is no escaping from if it goes down, plus you get to enjoy your time on the boat while traveling to your destination.