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Do you know how to skate?


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I went to the roller rink while I was camping (yes, it was a good trip) and got to spend a few hours skating.

Do you know how?

Inline, quad (standard), ice? What do you prefer?

I really like the quad skates, they're just really comfortable for me. I originally only knew how to do inline skating but I hurt my feet so many times wearing them (just from regular use) that I decided to try out the quad skates one day while working at Sonic. I took to them so quickly and loved them.

I'd like to own a nice pair one day.

As for ice skating, I'm very comfortable but I think I have much more control on my quads.

Do you know how to skate?


I used to. Not sure about nowadays. Haha. I played a little hockey when I was a youngster. I wasn't the greatest skater, but I was good enough to be able to stop without falling down. Haha.


Sally Twit
I never got the hang of roller blades, but I was good with roller skates. I also went ice skating a lot when I was a teenager, but I probably don't remember how to do it now. Even then I'd fall on my arse a lot, but it was half the fun.


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I used to go skating every Friday night. I loved it!
All my life I have really been into skating. I have NEVER been good at ice skating. However I am very good with Inline skates . I started skating when I was pretty young probably about 8 I got my first pair of inline skates. I saved up all my money in my bank to get a pair. I'm decent on quad skates, but not exactly the best.


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I can rollerblade very well because those are the types of skates I grew up with. I can ice skate but I'm not very graceful nor fast. I can't do any kinds of tricks. I never could figure out how to skate on classic roller skates and I never really had the desire to because rollerblades were much more comfortable to me.


Creeping On You
I can ice skate, and rollerblade and roller skate. I didn't learn till later in my childhood though, and I'm still a bit rough when it comes to ice skating. I don't know how to stop haha, but i can skate backwards!


Free Spirit
Staff member
I use to go to the roller rink to skate but haven't done that in so long I would probably fall just trying to get out to the floor. I don't think roller skating is like riding a bike and even years later you can still do it.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Yeah, I used to be a pretty good skater. I never cared for quad skates, but I did a ton of rollerblading in my teens. I thought I was badass for jumping stairs and grinding curbs and all that fun stuff. :lol:

I also played a bit of ice hockey and skating was one of my strong suits. I actually prefer skating on ice because it's a lot easier to stop and change directions than it is on rollerblades or skates.


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Roller blades are easy, my sisters taught me how to but as far as skating goes, I can't because I never tried. I could be a good skater, you never know.


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I tried learning this as a kid and I kind of started to, but then I just stopped all together. So I have probably forgotten how to and I'll have to go with, no.