Do you know exactly where you were born?


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I found out recently that I work literally 30 seconds from the exact spot where I was born. The hospital is now a block of flats but it still has the same lay out.

It's just round the corner, It's weird to think that it all started there 20 years ago.

So do any of you lot know the exact place that you were born?


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We hold our clinic in the building I was born in when it was another hospital during that time period so yes I know exactly where I was born :)


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I was born on a military base somewhere on the Kentucky/Tennessee boarder. I couldn't name the base, and I don't think I could point it out if I were standing in front of the building. So, no, I don't know.


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Yeah I know where I was born I even saw the very room where I was deleivered in. The place is still there and is still a hospital.


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I can name the exact hospital I was born at and the hosptial is still there and working. I live about 10 minutes by car away from it.