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Do you know everyone in your family?


Sally Twit
Apart from family members who passed away before you were born or when you were a baby, do you have any family members you've never met?

I have a half brother and a half sister I've never met, from my dad's previous marriage. Unfortunately when him and his ex divorced she got full custody. He never did anything wrong but I guess the law was tougher back then.
I know he tried to contact them several times but his ex never allowed it to happen. I believe she has either made my dad's children believe he died or that he was horrible. It's ridiculous because my dad is such a lovely man. He has their names tattooed on his arm.
I've tried to track them down for him but I've never succeeded. It breaks my heart because he hasn't seen them since they were about 4 or something.
And it's strange knowing I have a brother and a sister somewhere out there.


Well-Known Member
I have met most of my immediate family, but I wouldn't say I know them. I mean, I have a kid brother who is 14 but I know nearly nothing about him. We aren't at all close like we were before I moved away nearly 7 years ago now. As for extended family, no I don't know half of them. I have a lot of cousins, aunts and uncles that live in the states that I never met except when I was a baby which I don't remember at all. Also, I only vaguely remember my Grandma who lives in the states because I last saw her when I was about 4.


Registered Member
I know all of my immediate family, but i have distant cousins i can't really remember. My family isn't close in a loving way, they just like to stay in touch to nosy at what each other are doing lol.


Creeping On You
I have lots of relatives all over Canada that I've never met. I mean, I've met all my immediate family, but not second cousins, aunts or uncles etc. I hear lots of stories about them though, from my grandma. It's always interesting to hear, because I have a huge family, and they do a lot of cool things.


For a Free Scotland
Judging from my aunt's wake (we had a discussion about who "was left" so to say), there are certainly people on that side I don't know. I don't believe I've ever met either of my godfathers that I remember.


Registered Member
Knowing my dad, I'll have loads of Brother's and Sister's I dont know about, and now never will.

Other than that I will have loads of family I have never met. I consider my family to be the ones closest to me, which is currently my mum, brother and grandad. That is my family.

If anybody else cannot be bothered to want to get to know who we are, they are not family.


Son of Liberty
I know my immediate family, and my aunts, uncles and cousins, and some of my second cousins. One of my second cousins is a good friend of mine.


Registered Member
If I have met any of my cousins or their children on my father's side, I haven't seen them since my grandmother's funeral ten years ago. My mother is the third of nine children (Mormons? Mormons.), and all of her siblings have had at least one child, sometimes many children, sometimes even grandchildren, so I don't even know how many living relatives I have on that side of the family.
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Registered Member
I know all my immediate family. I guess no-one could ever know everyone in their whole family though


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Poubs, I didn't know that! With my maternal side, I know every sibling she had and the kids of all these siblings. We're close and about 25.

As for my dad, that's mega complicated to find out. My paternal grandfather had two wives (legal wife is my grandma). The other wife and him had 5 kids (I'm not close to any of them) and those kids have families now (I only know about 2 cousins from prolly 10). My grandma and grandpa had 8 kids. I know all of my aunts and uncles - that's easy enough. The problem is some of them have more than one wife (divorced, separated) or mistresses and have kids from that. And even if they didn't have that, my uncles/aunts usually have 4-7 kids each. It's impossible to make a family tree and whenever we try to have a family reunion, you'd have more than a hundred people around that is supposed to be my immediate family. :lol: