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Do you keep everything?


Sultan of Swat
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Are you someone that never throws anything away? My dad is that way, he keeps everything. Sometime he'll pull a bill from 1990 and I ask him why does he still have it, and he tells me that you never know I might need it again. That's just an example of many things that he keeps, it irrates my mother to no end at times.

I'm personally not like him, it's very rare that I'll keep something I barely use. I think it waste of space, and why keep it if I barely use it.

How about you guys?
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still nobody's bitch
No. My rule of thumb is if I haven't used it in two years, it's gone. If it's clothes and I haven't worn it in three years, it's donated. I can't stand clutter.

Unless of course it's something that has sentimental value.


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if i could keep everything i probably would but my mum often comes too my flat and forces a little clear out on me so that i dont end up with too much stuff. although i hate her doing it i know that if she didnt i would have no room for anything so i guess im glad she dose it for me i just can never bring myself to throw stuff out.
bills i dont keep hold of tho im more than happy to throw out old mail! i dont like reminders of my bills lol.


Where is my Queen?
I am with Jeanie, if I don't use I throw it out. My father on the other hand keeps all his bill and check stubs for reasons unknown to me. It doesn't make sense. He has two cabinets full of crap that he doesn't need to use but yet the crap keeps on piling up. It doesn't make sense to me.


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I'm not a hoarder and I'm not a pack-rat, but I keep a lot, mainly because of sentimental reasons.
My Mother was the same....after she passed away, I found a stack of cards that I had gotten her thru the years, for Mother's Days, birthdays, Grandparents Days, etc....it was a stack a foot high, dating from as far back as 1990.
I have a LOT of stuff in my home......everything from small fairy figurines, to large pieces of antique furniture......some of the bigger stuff I got from my parents home, after I lost them both.
But I keep cards from my children, paintings and drawings made by my grandchildren.......little tokens and gifts given to me by my friends, on those 'just because' occasions.
But I don't like clutter.....so I tend to go thru my closet and toss away clothing and shoes.......and from time to time I'll come across an old lamp or other item that is sitting in the 3rd bedroom (that is kind of my keep-all room).......and donate to charity~
Anything that has to do with my Mother tho.....I haven't been able to let go of yet.


I'm not a hoarder and I'm not a pack-rat, but I keep a lot, mainly because of sentimental reasons.
That's exactly how I am too

My rule of thumb is if I haven't used it in one year, it's gone no ifs and or butts


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I keep bills back a few years, old pictures or mementos, and things like that. Eventually I put them away or throw them away depending on the item.


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I can't stand clutter, so I try to get rid of things that I don't use or need anymore. Though I admit I do have a lot of random junk laying around simply because I'm too lazy to sort through all of it.


Sally Twit
I have so much stuff that I can't throw away because there's always some memory attached. I don't have anywhere I can store most of these things because my flat isn't big enough so at the moment it's sat in boxes in a room we don't use. I want to buy a big cabinet or something.


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I like to keep things especially from my travels. It paid off recently because I made a scrapbook of my travels lately and it looked so pretty with all those crap I kept. :lol: