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Do you keep a journal?


Sally Twit
As some of you know I have been attending a short course on counselling. Now part of the course involves us keeping a journal. We have to do an entry once a week after the Tuesday night session. We have to talk about how we feel, what we learnt etc.
I had never had a journal before now and I was worried the words wouldn't come out. As soon as my pen touched the paper I started writing and I found it really easy.

Do any of you keep a journal?


still nobody's bitch
Good god, no. I'm horrified enough as it is when I go back and read some old threads, especially those that I've posted in my other forum where I'm quite a bit more open with my personal struggles.

I do keep a book journal where I (try) to record what I've read and my thoughts on the book. But a personal journal? No effing way.

I was watching a DVD of some Cameron Crowe movie, might have been Fast Times at Ridgemont High (yes I know he didn't direct it) and he talked about keeping musical journals. He would make a mix tape of whatever songs he happened to be listening to at that particular time in his life. I always thought that sounded like a good idea but I could never be arsed to do it.


aka ginger warlock
I used to have a journal on LiveJournal many many years ago (thinking back it shows how the internet age has moved on so fast) but I have not wrote or even looked at my account. The last time I did look at it I cringed so badly about the s**t I wrote on there and I can't believe I even wrote it. I think they are a healthy part of life, I was asked to keep a diary when I underwent CBT but honestly I don't bother with a journal anymore, I just don't have the time.


Registered Member
I used to keep a journal after my Mother passed away, it was on the advice of counselors. So I started, actually I think I had about 2 of them. But when I went back and read over what I had written, I was mortified! I felt bad after losing my Mother, but I didn't realize just how bad it was sounding, till I read my own words. I thought to myself, what a terrible thing for my children to find these journals after I have passed away, and the pain it would cause them. (for I said some things not bad about THEM at all, but some things in regards to my own life). So I tossed them.


Haters gonna hate.
I used to as a wee little lad, but not anymore (I stopped in 6th grade). It had many details about my personal life in elementary school, despite my poor grammar.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
The only times I've tried keeping a journal were during my hiking trips. An everyday journal is something I'd like to do, but my writing skills are severely lacking and I struggle translating thoughts into words.


I keep an art journal, which is for all my drawings and sketches. I also keep a journal of sorts where I stick every ticket I have ever got in, and various other things. I hardly ever annotate it. I've never had a journal where I write my feelings or anything like that.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
When I first moved away from college to go to college I did keep a journal. I don't even know why I started it but I can only assume it was because it was such a new experience and I wanted to remember my thoughts looking back on it. It last a few months and eventually I stopped.

I still have it too; I hand wrote it.


yellow 4!
No, I never kept one. I used to write my dreams down every now and then, or start a daily journal and have it literally last one day, but that's about it.

I definitely could never keep up with a journal. It would be really interesting to read back on though, so I regret not keeping one when I was younger. And no doubt when I'm older, I'll regret that I didn't keep one at the age I am now. :p


Babeasaurus Sex
I've kept journals at several stages of my life. When I was younger (13/14) it wasn't always very truthful so I stopped because I didn't see the point in a "False" diary.

I keep one now. It helps me stay centred.