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Do You Keep A Journal?


Sally Twit
I have started many but I never stick at them. I tried hard a couple of months back to write in one each day but I find it hard to write down my thoughts.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Speaking of poems, I kept journals for several years until the day my mom decided to check my stuff and read it so she can "understand me better". After that incident, I stopped writing journals so she'll have nothing to read. But I felt the strong need to put my thoughts in writing (blogs weren't that popular yet). So I decided to continue writing my journal but in poems/codes so that if my mom saw it, she wouldn't understand what I was talking about.

After a year, I looked at my poetic journal and frankly, even I didn't understand what the heck I was talking about. :lol:


I am the edge!
I used to keep a journal that I would write my thoughts in. Sometimes I would write poems or draw sketches in there as well. Eventually I stopped doing that though as I became worried about what would happen if anyone (like my parents) got ahold of that journal and read it. Now the only journal I keep is a dream journal, which is always by my bed. Sometimes I'll write story ideas in there too.


Band Nerd ♫
Yes, I have a diary privately for myself, and I also have a LiveJournal between my friend and I.


It fell off.
Yes, I keep a couple different types.

I've got 4 or 5 books filled with poetry that's I've written, although a couple pages are poems I've found online that I liked-

And I've got a hardcover book filled with blank pages- that I draw in, kinda like my drawing portfolio- otherwise my non-hardcover sketch books are basically doodles that just look good but don't ever get finished :)

And I've got 3 or 4 journals that I write in- started back in middle school; I don't write in them everyday, one I lost- found again- lost again, found again, etc- and when I find it I 'caught up' so to speak, there'll be a few times where an entry is more than 5 pages long for a short non-detailed what went on, did I ever finish a goal, etc-

And I've got one special one put aside that I started back in Nov- and it's basically just my life /daily thoughts- to my ex- I plan to continue writing in it until he gets home. (he's deployed) Back when we were dating and I was keeping it, I'd write in it almost every night - just with the simple words saying "thinking of you- <3, amanda' and the date- but now it's basically just my blogs printed off and taped into it. Not the same- but I wanted to do it because he was so scared that he'd miss something. there's also some pics and such in there. He doesn't know about it- but when he gets home I'll give it too him.

And my journal consists of dreams, goals, fears, vents, happy thoughts, quotes, a really special poem I might have written/found, pictures, or even just random thoughts. I don't write in it everyday- nor do I try to. When I think about it- I write in it- or if something happened that I want to remember, like a night out or whatever- I do so also.


Registered Member
Ah, nope. Never would feel like writing in it anyway. And besides, with the family I've got, I'm very sure that it would be discovered and I would be very hurt afterwards.


- Diderot Reborn -
I do keep a very small journal on me at all times, in which I write down random thoughts and ideas I have. for me, though, the function of a journal as a place to basically pour my thoughts out on paper in a stream of consciousness (and sometimes subconsciousness) is replaced by my sketchpad. instead of writing out my thoughts/feelings/other random shit, I draw them.


Registered Member
Yes i keep a journal. Two actually. One is for poetry, the other if just for random thoughts i have even if it doesnt make any sence. It helps me get my thoughts in order. And fellings out that i dont feel i can let other people in on.


Registered Member
I tried once keeping a video journal with my webcam but i didn't have anything really exciting to say in it so nah, i got bored of quick.