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Do you kanoe?


aka ginger warlock
When I lived in the north with my parents during the summer me and my mates would always drive out on a monday night to lake bassenthwaite which can be seen below to go kayaking.

We would normally meet up at about 7pm, get in a good hour and half of kayaking in the water until it got too cold or the sun went down at which point we would find a local pub to go and warm up and have a few pints. It is one of my favourite memories of being back home and also when we all used to get together when they were home from Uni and go out remembering the old times.

Despite my weight and general build I was actually quite good at it, I could paddle well, control my speed and direction and at one point I was able to do a proper eskimo roll which if you have never seen it can be seen here:

Learning to Roll a Kayak - YouTube

It is at once the most terrifying things you can do but also the most rewarding when you feel confident enough to do it on your own without help and get bring yourself back up, even though you may only be in the water for a few seconds it feels like minutes.

Do you ever do it? Do you enjoy it and how often do you do it?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I've done both canoeing and sea kayaking, many, many years ago though. I never learned any fancy maneuvers, such as an eskimo roll, but I was a good paddler and had good control.

Paddling is something I'd like to get into after my hiking legs give out. I'd love to do a long distance kayaking trip or something like that.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I've been canoeing on rivers a lot, still have a canoe although I haven't used it in a long time but I have never went kayaking. I always liked the slow pace of going down the river. Gave me time to sight see and take a few pictures, even took time to go cave exploring.