do you judge people


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Even on TV you can find commercials trying to educate people the importance of not judging people, but I think no matter what it's human nature to judge people on some level. Everyone you see you have an impression of them even if they don't say a word you see how they walk, dress and generally act. Is this really a bad thing? It can be a good thing because if you see someone that just does not appear safe maybe it will keep you away. Even if that person turns out to be the friendliest person you would ever meet It might protect you in the future. If you skip on 5 friendly people but avoid that 1 dangerous person, isn't the sacrifice of 5 people worth me, yes, unfortunately because of the world we live in.

I work in law enforcement and to me everyone is a threat until proven otherwise. I don't let my guard down because one second that friendly person could be just fine, the next they can have a knife.


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Of course I judge people, as does every other human being. It's human nature. We will all judge people based on certain factors, and the second they open their mouth and express opinions, you'll continue to judge them.

We can always be proved wrong, but it's outright stupid to think that you don't make a judgement about people.

We do it on a daily basis, as a pure example, think of a guy who appears to be strung out on drugs stumbling towards you - there's a number of judgements instantly made by most people, a number of reactions made, such as turning away, talking a different direction, becoming nervous, clutching a bag closer.
I judge people all the time, even though I have been pretty much brainwashed not to. That just makes me feel more guilty, because I know it's "wrong"...but, I cant help it. Makes me wonder if I am just a snob...


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I think there's different levels of "judging" someone. In your case, you aren't so much judging them as being ready just in case. You don't have any information to work with, so you have to be cautious.

Then there's judging someone when you only have partial information about them. This is generally where you run into the most problems, because sometimes people become convinced that they have you pegged, but there might be circumstances you don't know anything about.

There's also judging someone when you've got plenty of information. Saddam Hussein was a bad person. I know enough about him to know there's no conceivable way for there to be enough extenuating circumstances to excuse all that he did.

Personally, I have no problem with people making any of those sorts of judgments, as long as they realize with the first two that it's only a guess, and they behave accordingly.

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I also think it's possible to teach yourself not to judge. It's one think to be cautious and to have common sense.

Still, in the hypothetical situation of being cold to 5 friendly people: I wouldn't want to get to that point. I don't believe that every 6th person is dangerous. When I see a disheveled person, I've learned enough and I have enough empathy to consider their life and to picture what it could be like for them.

This is coming from a very optimistic guy, I really try to see the best in people and I feel that life is better - both for me and for those around me - as a result. I'm not claiming to be perfect, because there's probably certain psychological pre-judgments that cannot be overcome.


I do judge people and and I get judged as well.
But different people have different levels of judgment.
I think it's impossible to be neutral when you see/talk to someone.

It's not necessarily a bad thing unless it goes overboard when you talk bad about someone new as if you already knew everything about them.


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Depends on what you mean by "judged". In terms of body language and their actions, than of course we judge them.

I'm the type to get to know them regardless, even if they do look like a hopeless junky :)


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To some degree I think everyone judges a person for some reason or another; I've been judged many times thru-out my life but over time and through experineces you learn that it's just another person's opinion and it's impossible to please everyone; with that said, I usually don't judge a book by it's cover, not even when I was growing up. I've always (and still do) prefer to get to know the person, first, before I cast judgement on them.
I agree that it's human nature to judge people, but I also follow Unity's sentiments in that common sense and general caution is different to making strong character judgements. I am not wary of new people unless given reason to be so. And yes, these reasons will depend on my judgements, but hopefully wise ones (more often than not, at least :p).