Do you iStrut?


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I do this a lot, but not strutting. I dance with my headphones on in public. I got some attention from a guy once cause I was grooving to NIN in Kroger's (grocery store). I got asked out on a date! :lol:


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I cannot view your infernal youtube video. May it burn in hell.

However, I strut. Sometimes, I even do it without music. Ok, I'm lying, it's not only sometimes.

I dance with my headphones on in public.
I also do this. I don't dance that well either, but I'm not embarrassed easily. As long as I'm having fun, it's all good.


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Not usually, but once or twice a song may take me and hell, who am I to deny the bidding of the Music Gods? I remember once when I was feeling a little down, walking the lonely walk into school (hey, I was emo as a kid too I guess) when Michael Jackson came through my headphones. I think it was Billie Jean. Anywho, it was perfect timing because the clouds moved and the sun came through right as I was walking around a corner and into the light. It was, in a way, a perfect moment. :hmm:

So yeah, I guess I do have more of a bounce if there's a good tune going. :D


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On the rare occasion I have my mp3 on while i'm walking somewhere in public, and a good song comes on then i'll start dancing...then realise what i'm doing, and get all embarrassed and walk away really fast. Its more likely that i'll be in my car, and start dancing in my car. At least I don't look too retarded as I usually turn it up really loud so anyone who could see me would hear the music as well.


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Na, I don't iStrust in public. I prefer not to do it and draw attention to myself. But when I'm at home alone, hell yeah! I do it all the time at home.