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Do you introduce your partner to your parents?


Is there a time when you think parents should know and get introduced to your partner?

Once you get in a relationship, do you take your SO home to your parents?

How many partners have you introduced to your parents?

Or you don't do that unless you know the relationship is getting very serious and is about to end in marriage?

I have a friend whose parents know all about her past relationships and her ex-boyfriends. They've had several lunches together over at her home.

To me, that's kinda strange.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It usually takes me a while for me to introduce my "girlfriend" to my parents, maybe one or two months in, depends how it goes. I'll tell them about her, but I usually wait to see how the relationship goes before introducing her to them. It's usually a big step, so there's no need to rush it in my opinion.


Sally Twit
I don't think there's any point in introducing your partner to your parents until you know you're serious about each other.

One thing that bugs me is people that want their parents to 'approve' of their partner. And if they don't then they end the relationship. I think it's ridiculous. If you care about and love this person then that is all that should matter.


No Custom Title Exists
I have never introduced any of my girlfriends to my parents apart from the girl that I am with at the moment. My relationships didn't last very long so I found no need to go through the introduction process and it would not count for anything anyway. With the current girlfriend, I was a bit hesitant at the start because I really liked her and I didn't want her to get bad impressions of my crazy family but I realised how much she loves me and that nothing would make her change my mind about me. To be honest, as unfair as it sounds, I was really embarrassed of my parents because we were not that close and I didn't wanna suffer but as I grew close to them, I realised that they are not as half bad as I thought they will be so I introduced my girlfriend to them somewhere late last year and it was the best decision I have ever made in my life..so far.

My previous relationships ended because the girl's mothers didn't seem to approve of me (I went through a stage of dating girls that had no father) and it put me off from introduction for a long time.


Well-Known Member
I've never introduced my past boyfriends to my parents, they're just now getting use to the idea of me being gay which is fine and dandy, but I dunno, out of a sign for respect I hold off until it's the real deal. I let them know I'm dating someone and they're cool with that, but I haven't dared to bring them to their house to meet them in person. With my current boyfriend, they know of him and seen pictures, but have never met in person. Although, Paul and my step-dad would get along great in my opinion, they have similar interests and I think they would hit it off.

When my biological dad came to Texas Paul met him, and they were both cool and it was just kinda nice to see that one side of the family not care. Sometimes makes me wish he took us instead of my mother, haha.