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Movies Do you have seen Transformers 4 ? You liked it ?


Registered Member
I have seen it just released and I have to say that i loved it. The movie was very fun and fascinating. Also the story was much moving and with sufficiently strike of scene.


Registered Member
Yes! And I liked it so much that I bought it.

The effects were excellent and the plot was brilliant. Especially how they used Megatron and the seed and the huge battle in Hong Kong! It was definitely one of my favorite movies this year.


Well-Known Member
The movie got fairly bad ratings. Then again, so did the third one and thought that one was good.

I'm sure I'll see it eventually but I'm also sure it won't be something to write home about.

I've seen Transformers 1 and 3, how do you guys think 4 stacks up against those?