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Do you have any wrestling "heroes?"


Living in Ikoria
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Do you have any heroes in professional wrestling?

It's an interesting thought. I was considering that people could have trouble thinking of anyone that they "look up to" in the business. I look up to various people for different reasons, but I'm not sure (I need to think on it) if one person actually has it together in every way.

With the business being so many days a year and so popular on internet dirt sheets and forums, we see everyone's flaws through a magnifying glass. People's worst times (of being petty or hateful), behaviors (drugs/alcohol, trouble with women), and attitudes (superiority complex, etc.) are known to a lot of us "hardcore" fans.

So, do you have a hero in the sport (yes, I said it) of professional wrestling? Why or why not?


Lion Rampant
I have just one wrestling hero. Here's the man:

And here's part of the reason:

Presidential Raw by Mick Foley (Mick) on Myspace
"I actually spent two days in Northeast Pennsylvania – Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and Hatleton – campaigning for Senator Obama last month. I told the staff that I wanted to see what grass roots campaigning was all about and they didn't let me down. Thirteen hours of campaigning one day, eleven the next, before I headed home exhausted, deeply appreciative of how committed all of the candidates must be to put up with such a grueling schedule on a daily basis, and content not to visit a diner or doughnut shop for a long long time.

I knocked on doors for several hours in the poorest parts of Scranton, talked to high school assemblies in Hacleton, worked the phones in Wilkes-Barre and scarfed down diner food and coffee in just about every available eatery in all three cities.

It wasn't always easy, as I'd been forewarned that I was entering heavy Hilary(??) country, and some residents I encountered were a little less than thrilled to have enemy combatants in their midst. And in what may be the most under-reported story in the wall to wall media coverage these campaigns have been subject to, racism seems to be woven a little more deeply into the areas social fabric than I had previously guessed.

Nonetheless, it was a valuable, rewarding couple of days and I was proud to contribute to our nations great democratic process."

Charitable Celebrities Profiled: Mick Foley - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com
Child Fund International
Child Fund International, formerly known as the Christian Children's Fund, focuses on getting children to fulfill their potentials. One way the charity does this involves one-on-one sponsorship programs. Mick Foley has served as one of these sponsors since the early 1990s. He describes the experience in The Hardcore Diaries saying "Sponsoring kids... has come to be one of the most important parts of my life." Foley further demonstrated his dedication to Child Fund International with his fourth and most recent memoir, Countdown to Lockdown, by donating half of his advance to the charity.

Rape Abuse Incest National Network
Mick Foley used the other half of his Countdown to Lockdown advance to make a charitable donation to Rape Abuse Incest National Network (RAINN). RAINN aims to raise awareness of violent sex crimes. The organization hopes through education violent sex crimes will occur less and less. Mick Foley has used his celebrity to help RAINN work towards their goals. By discussing violent sex crimes in media interviews Foley has raised awareness to these atrocious crimes. He has also trained to become a RAINN online hotline volunteer.​


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Interesting question. I wouldn't say that I have any heroes or look up to anyone in wrestling. I don't pay much attention to who they are out of character, apart from a few like Bret Hart and Paul Heyman. However, I do tend to hold the icons to a higher level of respect.
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Haters gonna hate.
For me, it lies in two categories. All-time and currently.

All-time-wise it has to be either Bruno Sammartino or Harley Race. These two were classy in the ring and out of it. Great wrestlers, but also great people.

Currently, it seems as if there aren't any "heroes" to me. Cena comes close to many people, but not me.


Well, I really like Rowdy Roddy Piper, but I think that's just more so because I'm a fan of his wrestling and movie work rather than an actual hero I look up to. I just really enjoy his attitude and his charisma that makes me fascinated with him.


Better Call Saul
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Hmmm! That's a great question. Stone Cold Steve Austin is my favorite wrestler of all time and Edge is my current favorite but I wouldn't honestly call them my heroes.

There are some great stories of guys putting in their time and making it in the wrestling biz but as far as heroes I can't think of anybody right now but maybe something will pop into my head eventually.


I ♥ Haters

Now, I don't inspire to be like her or anything, but I do have a very high level of respect for her. If you remember, there was a point in time when Lita was one of the most famous wrestlers in the business. Name me one other woman that could sell a Pedigree or Powerbomb better than Lita. Apart from that, I absolutely adore her for her work for animal rights. How can you not respect that? I don't really care what she's like as a person, or if she cheated on her boyfriend (big whoop, people do it all the time). We all have our flaws, so big deal.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
A few off of the top of my head (and heroes is too strong of a word I guess, I'd say they're just guys I admire):

-Mick Foley, for the reasons Tucker posted. What a great guy with his heart in the right place.

-Sting, he's always seemed like a class act and a hard worker. I can't think of any drama I've heard about him over the years, and when you think of the integrity of the business guys like him are what make it.

-Undertaker, probably for similar reasons to Sting. I know he really helps the younger talent and I really respect that. Seems like he's down to earth; I do remember hearing a few stories about him not being the nicest guy to some people, but I could be wrong. In general I really respect his work ethic.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Thank you Unity for your comments on the Undertaker...I think that's a perfect choice.

You saw it on Monday night the way that Triple H spoke about the Undertaker. Those comments came from the heart. The Undertaker is a true leader and if the guys in the back carried themselves the way that man does then the WWE would be 100 times better then it is right now. I believe the Undertaker is a top 5 all-time performer and the greatest big man who has ever performed. Not only has he made a gimmick work better then any gimmick EVER he's also a leader in the lockerroom and someone to be admired.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
You know, I could say the same about HHH that I did about the Undertaker...his past place in the Kliq may diminish it, and people question his success b/c of marrying Steph (I think it still would have been just as big).

Regardless of all of that, you've got a guy that eats, sleeps, and breathes WWE seemingly. He's stayed to mentor in the new generation when guys like Rock (seeking movie stardom) and Austin (injured) weren't around. He's come back from two torn quads and has still been a great performer. There might be sketchier sides to his backstage past, I really can't know the whole truth on that; still, I really respect that he has stayed so active as a competitor for so long, and I respect how he's evolved (no pun intended) as a person, performer, and backstage contributor.