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Do you have any fun traditions?


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Not family traditions per se, but little things that you do which you have got into the habit of doing and have made it something special.

The only one I can think of properly is everytime I go to Japan (which is usually once a year) I will treat myself to one or more (depends how much cash I have) pieces of clothing from the shop Bape which I really like :)

You guys might not know it its a Japanese band sported a lot by hip hop artists and such. I like their hoodies and stuff :) The price for them is about half price in Japan compared to in england so I never buy it here (200 quid for a hoodie -_-')


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I always play Majoras Mask on Yuletide day. I dont know why but i did that last Yuletide and even before that one and i know i will play it next Yultide. i have a ton of video games but thats the one i feel like playing then. =)


Better Call Saul
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The only tradition I could think of off the top of my head was how my Dad's side of the family goes bowling on Thanksgiving every year. Apparently it has been happening since the 1940's so that's kinda cool.

I'm sure there are a few others but that one always stands out for me.


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Like Millz, my family has a Thanksgiving Day "Turkey Bowl". We go play "flag" football at this one high school with friends and family. I played in my first one three years ago, was MVP :) Didn't get to play in it last year though. I say family, but it's pretty much family friends but some family members are there.


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I watch 'It's A Wonderful Life' every year on Christmas. Got the idea from BMTAS when I was a kid. Don't know how common it is for people. I also watch the end credits of series finales of tv shows I watch and take that time to reflect on the times I have enjoyed with those fictional characters. Other than that, the wife and I have our things we do. Park on Saturdays, movie night on fridays, simple stuff.


yellow 4!
I watch the same films every year at christmas; LOTR trilogy and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Both with my dad and anyone else who wants to join. Nobody else is able to hack the 11-hour LOTR though. Probably 'cause we're both dorks :D

Another little 'tradition' of mine which is more like a habit, as you asked for, is scrunching my nose at passing aeroplanes. I know it's weird, don't judge meeeee D: It's kind of like the whole magpie thing; more superstitious than anything. But I'm not superstitious so I don't really know why I still do it haha.

Also it's tradition to go to the US every summer. My family refuses to go anywhere else for the past, oh I dunno, million years, and that is perfectly ok with me! Though I think this year will be the last that I go with them :(


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I watch Twister every year on my birthday.
If we're both available, my Mum and I go to the movies every Tuesday night and go to a little diner for cheesecake and coffee after.


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My biggest tradition is watching the Stanley Cup every year. I also have a tradition of going to hockey games the one time each year that my team comes to town.


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All day is funny traditional for me.. I always enjoy the days of my life.
All day is funny traditional for me.. I always enjoy the days of my life.
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