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Do you have an inner lesbian?


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
This is an interesting convo in another site I check out. Basically some claim that many women have bisexual tendencies depsite not being open to it. Not that you would ever act on it, but do you find other women attractive at any level past just noticing her?


PS. kay, I know I know ...you're an innie and outie :)


still nobody's bitch
lol @ the thread title.

I think you know my answer. I have rare crushes on women, and I have acted on it, but I wouldn't label myself as bisexual. I'm primarily attracted to men.


Registered Member
I will admit, I see some women that I think are very pretty and quite attractive. And I would say some are even way sexy. But the thought of kissing a woman, or getting intimate, no way is that happening. The thoughts alone make me cringe. I really really like a gent, gotta be packing a penis :)


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Mine's mostly back in college. I swore off men for many years after suffering from a major broken heart (and you know how more dramatic we can be when we're teens). I started noticing really cute girls but they're not the typical cute that guys would go for. I've acted on it once. As I grew older, it's a dude's world again except when I pretend to be lesbian for my gay friends and hang out at their clubs.


Registered Member
It would be lie for me to say I have never found other females attractive, but I am not one who wishes to have any sexual relations with other females, I am much more attracted to males.

As for being bisexual... The only act for me of this was done in fun and meant nothing to either of us. It was only a passionate style of kissing while at a party done as a dare about 1 year ago. I felt nothing in the kiss like passion, and it felt to me a little awkward. So I would say no, I really have no bisexual tendencies or desires to speak of.


Son of Liberty
I've obviously got an inner-lesbian because you know I enjoy (insert gut wrenching slang for going down)

However I have an inner-Homo to.

I see good looking guys all the time. I strongly doubt I'd ever act on it, in fact I'm sure of it because my inner-lesbian is to strong. But come on.. when you see a good looking guy sometimes you just gotta stop and think "wow, good game bro" and wanna slap his ass in celebration but just call it "bro code".


Registered Member
No matter how gorgeous another woman is I don't have attraction to the degree I would enjoy touching her or doingother activities. At certain times in porns if two women are going at it I do feel twinges of horny. Is that lesbien?


Ms. Malone
I've always said it wouldn't surprise me if i figured out i was a lesbian :lol:

There was a girl who worked in a store in town, she was a lesbian and i thought she was cute - never acted on it though. She moved to London, i miss her :(


rainbow 11!
Ice, I love you.

Also, I'm going to go ahead and say that I guess I have an inner hetero? There are RARE occasions that I see a guy and he makes me lose my train of thought.

haha I can only think of a couple occasions where it happened.