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TV Do you have an all time favorite Christmas movie?


Registered Member
Out of all the movies out there on t.v. Have you had one that's really your favorite? I think my all time favorite has always been, The christmas carol. There are many different ones that they have made but the classic is the best. Yes, I'm talking about the black and white.


Sally Twit
I love Christmas films. It'd be very hard for me to pick just one.

There are some I watch pretty much every Christmas - Home Alone, Oliver!, The Snowman, Bad Santa, Die Hard and It's A Wonderful Life.
There are other films I love just as much but I can't think.


I don't like many Christmas movies, but I love The Nightmare before Christmas. It could be Halloween or Christmas I guess. But since we don't celebrate Halloween in Australia it's a Christmas movie for me.


No Custom Title Exists
I can't understand why so many people hate Christmas movies, they are the best movies out there, beats the crap that Twilight is coming up with!

I watch The Grinch, Santa Clause movies and The Christmas Carol every year :D

I have watched The Grinch EVERY year since it came out for Christmas, it's one of the best movies that I think have been made and on the plus side, Jim Carrey is the Grinch, definite watch :D


Registered Member
My favourite Christmas movie was originally wifey's favourite. She introduced me to it on our first Christmas together. I think I must now love it nearly as much as she does. It's that one with Bill Murray in it. Y'know the one. Scrooged. We both feel so good after watching that, and we watch it every Christmas now.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It's hard to choose just one, and I don't really consider Die Hard a Christmas movie, so I'll leave that one out.

I'd say my favorite of all-time is Elf. I never expected anything when I watched it for the first time, and when I did I laughed so hard and I loved it. Every time it's on I make sure to watch it because it never gets old.

Also, when I was a kid I wasn't the biggest Home Alone fan, but I love it now. Strange how it works out this way at times.


I do my best to avoid watching movies on TV. All the good stuff is usually cut out.

But, I always seem to watch The Grinch, Rudolph & The Year Without a Santa Claus every year.


Problematic Shitlord
Die Hard and Jingle All the Way.

Two ends of the spectrum but endlessly entertaining.


Well-Known Member
My mom's favorite is It's a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. We watch it every Christmas Eve.

For this reason It's a Wonderful Life is my favorite Christmas movie.

I also really enjoy Holiday Inn, White Christmas, Die Hard, and the Santa Clause. heck I'll even throw Toy Story on that list. :lol:

Christmas movies are great.