Do you have a word or phrase for it?


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Highly coincidental occurrences, that it.

ysabel and I have a term for it that comes from an inside joke. It happens to us all the time. I'll make a comment to her about something on the site while she's simultaneously liking me to that thread, or something like that.

And earlier today just as I finished my BK meatless whopper, this post shows up on List of the Day List Of The Day: Brilliant Sign Of The Day: Burger King

so do you have your own word or phrase for that, and if so is there a story behind it?


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Everythings connected

lol Thats what I say when things like this happen. Its not very creative I know, but everyone in my family will now say this when something happens. When I try to think back on them I cannot recall a lot of the actual events, but these coincidences happen quite often.

One I remember is a time I was going to the grocery store. I was singing a Meat Loaf song in the car, not to the radio or anything, just acapella, and I kept singing it all the way to the door of the store. I go in grab a cart and start my shopping and what comes over the PA in the store? That song of course, a fucking Meat Loaf song. Since when does Meat Loaf make the playlist for the grocery store?