Do you have a preference for distributors?

Would it make a difference fro you who licenses and distributes an anime, do you have a preference for who gets a series? Well, apart from 4kids of course.


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I don't really have a preference anymore. I like most of the anime distributors and trust most to do a good job on what they release.

But back in the day I favored ADV. They obviously aren't doing so good right now.

I'm also starting to like Funimation but then again they're the "anime juggernaut" right now so I can't really dislike them.
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Honestly I dont think the distributor bothers me. I think Bandai does a pretty bad job distributing Gundam with extras and difficult to navigate dvd menus.

Kadokawa Pictures USA although they collaborate with other distributors seems to put out some snazzy DVDs as of late. They did FMP TSR with Funimation and they also did Melancholy of Haruhi and the InuYasha movies with VIZ.


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I love ADV and Geneon. Obviously we have some problems here lol.

I'm not a fan of Funimation but I put up with them.


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Like I've mentioned before Geneon used to be my favorite. Now its Viz. I dislike Funimation, but I put up with them for a few series.