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Do you guys recycle?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Simple question: Do you guys recycle?

I do, all the time. Recycling means a lot to me, and I go out of my way most times to do it. I have a recycle bin for bottles, plastic, etc. and I also a recycle bin for paper, cardboard, etc.


Registered Member
Yes, but living too close to a city, most likely all my efforts count for little and most of the time, it all winds up in the same landfill.


Well-Known Member
Well living in an apartment complex everything is bundled into one trash bag, and there's no special service that comes around for recyclables. But outside of home I make sure to put the plastic in the plastic's bins and so on if they're available.



Living in Ikoria
Staff member

I used to faithfully, but since I moved into this apartment it's been tough. I'll do it when I can, but the only recycling dumpster is on the complete opposite side of my complex so I don't do it from here much.


not a plastic bag
I have a green can and 2 black can and I'm pretty sure they all get dumped at the same place. Regardless I try to fill the green can up with bottles, plastics and paper.


Registered Member
About five years ago, I used to walk up and down side streets in my town and pick up bottles and cans that people discarded on the side of the road. Then, I'd take these bottles and cans to a local redemption center so they could be recycled.