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Do you grow anything?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Be it, flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, ect?

Personally, I don’t since I don’t have a backyard. But, growing vegetables is definitely a big thing around where I live.


Registered Member
I gave up the vegetable patch. Between the deer, the deer, rodents, the deer and the deer - so far the only things 100% safe are tobasco pepper bushes, which do not grow real well outside Philly where I live.

So we have flowers (the deer eat some of them too) - when we moved in, we fell in love with the idea of a creek at the bottom of the back yard.

I still do, love the creek - but it is a deer superhighway and they like my exit.

I am thankful that due to radiant heat in the floor (nothing better) I have no basement and since I am about 15' above the top of the creek bank, which is 4 feet above the creek, flooding has never been an issue.

It really can't. During Hurricane Andrew we had the worst flooding - the creek rose 3 feet almost to the bank, which is still far below my basementless house.


Registered Member
We have huge yards and tons of plants but I never tried growing anything until last fall. I had a seriously sprained ankle and I saw a really cool plant when mom visited a plant nursery.
It's called Dumb Cane or Dieffenbachia and it's in a pot in my room with a grow light. It hates direct sunlight and I can't let people or pets touch it. South Americans use it to make poison darts.


I only have a small blacony but I have three venus fly traps. Their names are Devil's Snare, Professor Sprout and Mandrake. I talk to them and give them filtered water and they flower every Spring I love my evil mouth plant babies.