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Do You Go Drinking/Parting During The Week?


Supreme System Lord
Obviously the best time to go out drinking ect would be the weekend, that's a given.

But do any of you hit the bottle and go partying during week day nights? (i.e Monday-Thursday).

Now I play pool for my local pub on a Tuesday night and always end up stumbling home in the early hours of Wednesday morning, this makes working Wednesday very tough indeed.

I also enjoy the weekly 80's music night at a local night club on Thursday nights.

I know I shouldn't really do this but it's too hard to resist a good night out regardless of the day and what I'm doing the following day.

What about you guys?
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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Very hardly, on Tuesday's I play dodgeball in a league, and sometimes after the game will hit a pub for a pint or two. Then on Thursday's I go out to another pub with friends for wing night and we split a few pitchers, then I might have a few more at home before going to bed. I like to keep my partying to Weekends since I don't have to work the next day.


I'm serious
I used to go out week nights all the time. At the one company I worked at a few years ago, we had a work award function every first Thursday of the month. We would go all out on those and the Friday that followed was a write off. There is also a common thing here in SA - we call it Puza Thursday (or Puuuuza Thirst-day). It's really just an excuse to make a night out of it - every single Thursday.

I was just thinking the other day how Thursdays are the new Fridays. There are more and more functions happening on Thursdays. That said though, I was always dead-weight the next day. I absolutely hated the feeling at the time, but also couldn't really stop myself. It would have to be a really good excuse for me to do that again though!


Babeasaurus Sex
When I get back to uni then you can be damn sure my Wednesdays will be spent partying again!!

Boringness at the minute though because work dictates I must be sober!



yellow 4!
Yes, in fact I rarely go out at the weekends, only during the week. Usually a Monday or Thursday. I don't really know why, but most universities in the UK have weeknights that are much better to go out on than weekends. I prefer to spend them just relaxing or whatever. Oh and I don't have to be up very early for any lectures on a Friday or Tuesday so it suits me fine.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I don't go out on the week nights now because of work. I think the only day I went out during the week this year was a work function so I figured that was okay haha.

Even in college I didn't do much drinking during the week. If I did drink during the week I wouldn't usually "go out" and do it. Mostly just drink illegally in the dorm or in the apartment.


Registered Member
As of right now, no.. but whenever I was in college, all the time. Like most college students, I'd drink before class and then when I'd get back, drink a little more. I went out more on weekends though, but I did drink on weekdays.


Well-Known Member
I used to drink all the time during the weekdays, but not so much any more. Usually it would be a few drinks on Wednesday, followed by a complete blow out every Thursday for Thirsty Thursday. I'd usually about 3-4 hours to sober up for work on the Friday. And those Friday's sucked, nothing much got done at all. Now I can actually drink any day I want to, I don't really do it. Although there have been the odd few nights of getting shitfaced during the week.


Where is my Queen?
I used to drink and go out 7 days a week regardless of what time I have to get up in the morning. Just recently I got in a bad accident, and my funds are a bit short for partying 7 days a week right now. So the next few months I will be drinking on Wednesdays for dollar night and Thursdays for my dart league.


Registered Member
I don't go out partying/drinking even on the weekends ~LoL~
Altho tonight, I stopped in at Applebee's and had one pina colada......that's only something I do very rarely, maybe once a month!
I'm 48, not a college kid.....and while I may feel like I'm 25 at times...I'm not..plus I have to take care of an 11 year old child, so, my partying/drinking days........I can't say they are over, cause I never had any...but that's not my life :)