Do you give War Credit?

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Wade8813, Feb 13, 2010.

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    When you're ranking players' careers, do you give war credit to players like Joe DiMaggio who lost time to war? Do you give credit to Jackie Robinson for being forced to play in the Negro Leagues? Do you give credit to Lou Gehrig for getting ALS?
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    I do and I don't, two players that were really hurt by the war were Bob Feller and Ted Williams, both of these guys missed tremendous time due to serving for their country. There numbers would be even better if they didn't serve time, some say that Ted Williams might of hit over 700 career home runs if he didn't serve.

    But it's hard basing what their total numbers would be if they didn't inlisted in the army, so I cannot say a player like Williams would of been the best player of all time if he didn't miss any some seasons in the Major Leagues.

    If Roosevelt replied to "The Green Letter" from Kenesaw Mountain Landis stating that the Majors should go on hiatus till the war is over then many baseball players would of lost many seasons due to war.

    Here's a great site that list all the players who served.

    Baseball in Wartime - Those Who Served

    But when it comes to Negro players like Robinson, then I look at their numbers in the Negro Leagues and the Major Leagues, that's how I rank them.

    For Lou Gehrig it was at the downfall of his career, it's hard to say what his numbers would be if he didn't suffer ALS, but to me he's a big What if.

    Great thread by the way.
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    Yeah, I do much the same thing. I give a bit of extra credit for time lost to war or the NeLs, but I tend to be on the conservative side with it. Yeah, the player might have lost the best years of his career, but he also might have gotten injured, or had an off year.

    I don't give credit for any sort of illness or injury. As much as I would have loved to know how much Gehrig could have done if he'd stayed healthy, or Koufax could have done if his arm wasn't constantly bothering him, injury and sickness are a normal part of life, and I don't feel right giving credit for it.

    I mean, what would you do for players who had huge potential but got injured at the start of their careers? Do you give them 10+ years of credit based on hypotheticals?
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    Players that miss time due to injury get "what if's" from me, the best example that I can come up with in the last decade or so is Ken Griffey Jr. You would be the first one to know how well he played for the Mariners then he started to getting injured when he joined the Reds, and he missed a lot of games due to being injured. But you cannot give him extra credit because of it.
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    I agree with the overall concensus.

    I think its important to take that missed time into play BUT you do not know what would have happened. Maybe Ted Williams gets injured one of those years...too many what ifs.

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