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Movies Do you give old movies a chance?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
As you know I'm a big fan of old movies and old actors. Same thing when it comes to television shows. A lot of people find it strange since I'm just 25 years-old.

It seems like a lot of people here at GF don't give old movies chances, they'll watch one or two and if they didn't like it then they won't bother ever watching one again. Now I might be wrong with that assumption, but that's the feeling I've been getting for quite some time now.

So when it comes to old movies, do you give them a chance or you just rather watch something that is fresh or not even ten years-old?

Just to clarify, when I speak of old I mean from 1930-1970.

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Lion Rampant
I'm with you, BR; I love the old stuff. When I look through the DirecTV programming guide I usually scroll to the page containing AMC, FMC, and TCM and see what's on them for the next few days. There's a 1930 movie (The Marx Brothers' Animal Crackers), in fact, currently on my DVR, waiting for me to hit the comfy chair.


I rarely watch the old stuff. I don't find it entertaining at all and I can't relate to it, which also puts me off. Give me the new stuff over it any day.


Well-Known Member
I really hate older movies. Even movies from the 80's I avoid. I don't like watching the lame special effects, or the bad quality of the films. They may have been good in their day, but they're not as entertaining as modern movies, for me at least


Problematic Shitlord
I have seen quite a few older movies I have found quite enjoyable. However, it's hard to get into some of them when they're quite clearly cultural pieces, meaning they're difficult to get into outside of that time frame they were released in. It takes extra effort to get into some of them. But after seeing The Great Escape, Casablanca and some John Wayne flicks, I'll always give them a chance.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I definitely give them a chance; I like the old and the new.

I remember taking a film class in high school that I think Millz was in, too. On the list were movies such as Citizen Kane, Gone With The Wind, and Casablanca. I was hesitant about most of those, and ended up really enjoying them. The teacher of this class recently passed away, and I'm really thankful that there was a guy like him at our high school that went out of his way to show this culture to us.

I also think of a Halloween at least 5-6 years ago, where I was stuck at home for some reason or another. Nosferatu was on a movie channel really late at night (classic old Vampire flick); I loved it.

Older movies are classic, and passing a movie up because of its time (either old or now) really makes you miss out on some enjoyable stuff.


I'm 20 and I LOVE old movies. I'm not a big fan of old TV shows, they just don't flow well with me but when it comes to old movies I love them. The oldest film in my DVD collection is I believe 1937, and I aside from that I have heaps more from the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's etc. Whenever I am on a long flight I always choose to watch old black and white films. I find that they keep my attention more for long journeys.

But when it comes to TV shows and me it's the new ones I like. Go figure.
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Sally Twit
I love old films. It's old TV shows that I'm not a fan of.

James Stewart is a particular favourite of mine. He has done some cracking films, particularly in the 50's. Vertigo and Rear Window are my favourites. I think he was a very charming man compared to the actors you get nowadays. And look at Grace Kelly. She was absolutely beautiful and she didn't have to show any skin or get her baps out. And I love how well spoken the actors were back then. It's a shame you don't get that any more.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I have seen old movies and I don't mind seeing more. There are still lots of classic movies out there that I haven't seen and I feel like I'm missing out.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I never understood the argument where people say that I don't enjoy old films since they are "crappy" quality compared to what we have today. Not trying to pick on anyone in this thread, and everyone is entitled to their opinions. I just find that argument pretty ridiculous since it's kind of expected since the technology back in those times weren't had advance as they are today.

Maybe some people are just to spoiled on what type of movies we're getting today? Who knows!