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Do you get the newspaper


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It's a dying industry, that's for sure. Does anybody around here still get the newspaper.

We get it every Sunday and Wednesday. My dad wanted to cut back on the cost because he didn't have time to read it every day but twice a weeks is good for him. He says that the paper is just comfortable to read. He doesn't like to get online to read the news but he will if he has to.

I actually find myself reading the paper on occasion because we still get it, I can definitely understand why some people prefer it.

Do you get the paper?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I stopped getting the newspaper about ten years ago. The only time I pick one up anymore is when I want to check the classifieds or snoop the police blotter.


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I don't buy newspapers any more, as I never read enough of one to make it worthwhile and I can read newspapers online now for free. My parents still get the paper everyday, as they like having the physical copy to read.


Sally Twit
Only on deceased relatives Birthdays. My grandma still puts things in the paper each year for my grandpa and cousin who are sadly no longer with us. I like to cut them out and keep them. She is such a sweetheart and she is still so in love with my grandpa.


Creeping On You
I one had a newspaper subscription for a single year back when I had my own apartment. I thought I'd be all cool and cultured. I ended up not reading them and had a huge stack of papers in my apartment. Ended up just throwing them out. After that I never subscribed again. Now, I just occasionally pick up a free copy if I have some time to kill and I want to read the comics.


I used to but I had to cut corners but i do enjoy reading the newspaper and i will get it again as soon as my new roommate moves in.


Free Spirit
Staff member
The only time I buy a paper is to check out the local job market or looking for big yard sales. Sometimes, but rarely, I will buy one because of someone I knew died or because of something that happened locally. Most of my news comes from TV or the internet.

I don't want one coming to my house because they have a way of filling up the trash can.


No Custom Title Exists
Definitely not, I haven't gotten it in about 2 years, I still occasionally get Dad his Serbian newspaper fix because he doesn't know how to use the internet. I prefer reading on my screen than flicking the paper.


Nope. I can't remember the last time the paper was delivered to my house. I don't read it all that often, unless there's a story in there that one of my family or friends tell me I should read. I used to read the funnies... but it's been over a decade since anything in that section was anywhere close to funny.


Embrace the Suck
Yes I subscribe to my local paper still. I used to subscribe to USA Today but cancelled it about 5 years ago. I like reading local stories and check the obituary page and local op/ed page. I also do the daily crossword puzzle although I don't do that as often anymore.