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Do You Get the Flu Shot?

Do You Get A Flu Shot?

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Better Call Saul
Staff member
I haven't gotten one since I was a kid

I don't get sick all that often so I take my chances


I am the woolrus
I do not get the flu shot and now i'm feeling shitty over christmas now because i've got the bloody FLU! :( Feeling downright awful right now, but as long as i'm in fighting shape by New Year's that'll be something!


Registered Member
I don't get one, because I know that the flu shot that they give you is a mixture of several flu strains so that your body can build an immunity to it to try to prevent you from getting it later in the year, but the issue is, that they can't give you a flu shot that will combat every single strain of the flu bug out there, so even if I get the flu shot, I can still get the flu if I am exposed to another strain that is not part of the flu shot that they give. Plus there is no guarantee that if you get the flu shot, it won't make you sick and give you a serious case of the flu, so I don't get it. If I am going to get the flu, then I am going to get it. I have only gotten the flu a few times without the shot, but not enough for me to want to get the shot. If I got the flu every year, then it would be a different story.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I've gotten one every year for several years now...I haven't had the flu in these years, so I think that it does help. It was always strongly suggested that I get one when I was on dialysis, and now that I'm kickin it with my new kidney and am still doing well, I still want to give myself extra protection. Got it at Walgreens this year, and at my internship last year (which was at a nursing care facility).


Creeping On You
I have a really great immune system. I can't remember the last time I got a flu that wasn't 'i dont wanna work' related :lol: I don't get the flu shot, because I trust my immune system. I've always been worried that if I do get the shot it would actually make me get the flu easier.


rainbow 11!
Yes! I get it for free since I work at Target, which is awesome. I mean, why not? It's free. Though the pharmacist was joking with us that he was injecting a saline solution instead of the flu shot... Jerk. lol
I have been forced by my doctor the past two years to get it, last year because I was pregnant and this year because my son is to young to get it himself but is obviously very vulnerable to it. Normally I don't get it as I believe in building up your immune system and not medicating unless completely necessary, although now that I'm a mom I think I'm starting to change my tune. I never really get sick much and I am petrified of needles so I don't see a point (no pun intended) in most cases except these last two years.


Registered Member
The Army makes me get the flu shot, but otherwise I wouldn't. I'm not worried about it, I don't want to spend money on it, and I have a strong immune system.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Flu shot here is free but I still didn't get it. I remember when avian flu was the scare in fashion and we've been getting notes from public health office to have priority vaccines because of the age of my kids, etc. I didn't get it still. I've heard problems and effects I didn't want to be bothered with (and I wasn't that convinced we are in dire need of vaccination at this point, while the flu is real, I felt it was overhyped).