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Do You Get the Flu Shot?

Do You Get A Flu Shot?

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So yearly the flu hits people one way or another, making them ill and incapable of working or enjoying their usual activities. It usually occurs during the winter seasons when the weather changes drastically from hot to cold. So, my question to me fellow GFer's, do you get the Flu shot when they are available?

Personally, I don't. I the years that I have passed I've been fine without them and haven't been effected badly enough where I would want to get one. We're offered the shots at work because we're in close contact with patients, so it is ideal that we get them so we don't spread it to the elderly who are already at high risk of catching something. But, I haven't had any seriously Flu attacks, so I don't get them. Besides, I think its a strain of the Flu you're getting from the shot anyways. It's something to make you sick early so later you won't catch it later during the colder season.

How about yourself? Do you get the yearly shot? Is it offered at your work or do you go to a minute clinic to get it?



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This is the first year i've actually been offered one for free, and i'll be turning it down. I've always managed just fine without it, and i'm not a fan of getting shots unless I really have to.


Where is my Queen?
I can get my flu shots for free as well, but I don't get them. I get really sick if I take one and I rather take my chances getting the flu. Ever since I have stopped getting that shot, I haven't been sick during the winter time. ****Knock on wood.**** My mother tries her damnest for me to get one because she believes all the stuff she sees on the news when it comes to healtcare issues.


still nobody's bitch
I probably should get one because I don't get paid sick time, and last year I had the flu and was down for a whole week. I wouldn't be able to afford a week off work at this point.

I'm always leery of flu shots, though, because they can make you feel a little sick right after you get one, and they only vaccinate against the strains that are most likely to be prevalent that season. But I probably will.


Sally Twit
I've never had one and I have no plans on getting one any time soon. I usually get a cold every year but I've never had the flu. I'm sure if I ever do suffer with it I'll get the shot but I don't see the point at the moment.


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I have never had a flu shot in my life and I seem to manage finely without it so I don't see the point of it. I hate getting shots because there is nothing than feeling needle inside of you.


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Unless it was something that was required whenever I was in school, then I never get any kind of shot that's suppose to help you stay healthy during the different seasons. The only time I ever get sick anyways is whenever I seem to "pretend" I'm sick and then I get sick within a week after that.


New Member
Because I am a newbie I cannot vote in the poll, however I do get the flu jab, The twice I have had it I have felt like I have the flu for a week or two after it. I know it is not supposed to do that, however with me it does.

I get the jab because I am diabetic (type 2) and up until I have the jab I feel fine! I think this is the last year I will take it.


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My doctor always tricks me into getting flu shots because she knows A.) I hate needles and B.) I work with children, so she guilt trips me into doing it for the children!!