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Do you get embarrassed easily?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I was curious, are you someone that gets embarrassed easily?

I used to a long time ago, but now I'm totally different. I still get embarrassed, I think everyone does, but it rarely happens.


Registered Member
There was a time when I literally wanted to die when something embarrassing happened to me. Now, I'm more composed about stuff like this but I'm still a wreck when it happens. I'm just trying to keep that inside lol


No, not really.

It's because I don't care as much as I used to now. Embarrassment happens when I wish I hadn't done something I did but as the time goes by, the more careless I get. This is not to say I'm arrogant (although it sounds as such) but I don't give it a second thought now. I accept to myself I acted wrong, I admit it and move on. No time to over-think it.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Not really, not that I don't get embarrassed at all. What I would find embarrassing is if the seat of my pants were to rip and people could see my underwear. That would totally floor me.