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Do you get bored of your friends?


Today I met my 2 close friends after 3 weeks because we've been very busy lately and hadn't had much time to talk and meet.

I realized I'm getting bored of them..., the same talks, nothing new and interesting anymore.
I'm getting more interested in people I'm meeting at work. Maybe they are not as cool as they appear to be and maybe it's just me getting bored of my old friends ... I don't know.
All I know is that I didn't have any special time with my close friends today and I'm not looking forward to another meeting with them.

Do you happen to go through this phase? Do you get bored of your friends?
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For a Free Scotland
If one does, it was a mistake to make friends with them in the first place.

That being said, I've done it- their tastes change, they get bitchy, or they're simply too generic in the way they talk what they like, and everything. It's like I could have befriended a robot, only a robot would have been MUCH cooler.


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If I get bored with my friends it's usually because I'm depressed. They are all busy and active and entertaining so for me not to want to catch up means I've lost interest in more than just my friends.

I have ended friendships before but not over boredom. It's usually because they're flakes or disrespectful.


Never my close friends. I have a handful of really close friends and I would NEVER got bored of them. I did have a whole bunch of friends in High School though that I hardly see anymore now. I got bored of them so I just stopped seeing them.


Where is my Queen?
A couple of weeks ago I went to go visit a close friend of mine. It was pretty much the same old stuff, but we talked and drank beer for through out the night until the sun came up. I have known him for years and we never run out of thing to talk about.

Last night I went to see some of my old friends and quite frankly there is a reason why they are my old friends, they were completely boring and I left and went four wheeling.


Formerly "Maikeru"
All the time. its very hard to find people with the same interests and way of thinking.


Better Call Saul
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I don't get bored of my friends, no. The ones I have right now I like each and every single one of them. I've distanced myself from people over the years but not because I was bored of them but because they weren't the type of people I liked hanging out with.


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I never get bored of my close friends. I know them for years (one of them I know even from 4th grade of primary school) and I always have to talk something with them and it's always very interesting because we have a lot of common, similar sense of humor and we like similar activities. We are all very curious people so we never get bored. We are so close that we sometimes don't even need the words, we could understand each other with sight only. We accept each other with all our virtues and shortcomings and we also respect each other. So I think we will be close friends for life. :)
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Youll know when you have real friends. I went away for 2 years lost contact with everyone and then came back and picked up my old life again without even trying.

But i have gotten sick of people before.

You just know.


yellow 4!
No, I don't get bored of my friends. I find it takes me a long time to get close to people and feel totally comfortable, so even though my friends are in a different world to me with regards to our interests etc, I suppose it's nice to have people I can be myself with in terms of personality. I wouldn't want to throw that away in a hurry.

As for newer friends, I'm not bored of any yet. I can't imagine being bored of someone to be honest though, lol.