Do you find yourself..


...wanting to express something and write completely another thing instead.??

I do this a lot. If I'm writing now ... I'm not sure if this is what I want to say because once I get back to my post, I see that I've written completely something else or the opposite of what I meant to say.

Because, when I write I think another thing instead of thinking about what I should write...:shifteyes:

This is about mind-absence.


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This'll happen when I'm writing a poem or something. It'll turn out that what I wrote down actually sounds better or fits better for something else so I just go with it and save my original idea for later.


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I can't say this has happend to me too often to be honest.

sometimes i'll get tangled with my words and I'll find it hard to express what I want to say, but I think that's different to what you are trying to say.
If I'm making a post or thread here, it's pretty easy to stay the course.

If it involves creative writing, then it's constantly changing from the original thought. It's great to see what your mind can come up with when you're not trying to come up with words and they just seem to pour out and write themselves.


@ NIX - well...that's kind of different.

It's been happening to be in a week that if i want to say/mean "I wan to do it" I go and write "I don't want to do it".
that's crazy. I write the opposite of what I was trying to say....

I remember, I sent a few PMs last night, and when i read the sent box, [in one of the pms] I saw I had written 2 sentences that were completely untrue comparing to what I meant to say ..


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Sometimes I'm thinking something and I just don't know how to say or write it.