Do you feel that you lead a healthy, balanced diet?


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I was thinking about it and my diet recently has completely gone out of the window.

I haven't really put on any weight but I've been drinking record amounts of beer and been binge eating more than ever.

I'm still average weight but sometimes I feel that my diet needs to be under control. I just don't have the willpower to avoid eating such foods, their just so addictive. Things like cookies, crisps abd sausage rolls are hard to avoid!!

Do you think you've got your diet under control, if not what lengths do you go to to try and avoid high calorie foods?
I try my best to stay away from any sodas and corn syrup products as much as possible. Of course, I get weak and chow down every once in awhile. Overall, I say I'm pretty good at taking care of myself and avoiding the bad stuff.


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I don't really have any problems avoiding high calorie foods usually. If I don't buy them and don't keep them around the house, I won't be tempted to eat them when I get weak. I make sure I treat myself every once in a while too, but the key is moderation. If I'm really craving something, I'll let myself have just a little, or I'll find some sort of healthy substitute.

Soda used to be my weakness, but after switching over to diet I actually ended up dropping below the healthy weight for my height, so if anything I actually need more calories in my diet now...ugh, it can be hard to find that perfect balanced diet sometimes.


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I eat a good varied and balanced diet. I don't bother with junk food as it does not appeal to me, I can not stand the taste of artificial flavourings and the heaps of preservatives they shove in everything. I have not had a MacDonalds or similar for a few years at least. Guilty of a kebab once in a blue moon, so its not all good.

I do occasional drink fizzy drinks(a couple of cans a week) and I rarely drink alcohol, maybe one or two beers(usually shandys) every few months. I have maybe 3 cups of coffee/tea a year!

I do eat some sugary foods, namely cake and biscuits but its all in moderation. I will probably goto the chippie once a fortnight and be lazy with a pizza in about the same time frame. Most nights I will eat a pasta, rice, potato or salad dish with a different meat type included. Lunch will be a baguette, soup, jacket etc..and breakie is always cereal.


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In a word, hellno. Yesterday's lunch was strawberry preserves on cheddar cheese slices and half of a chocolate Swisher cigarillo (the latter inhaled, not ingested). 5'11" and 210, that's as good as it's going to get from here on out.


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I binge eat on the weekends when I drink but overall during the work week I eat pretty healthy.
- I only eat pizza or fried stuff twice a month.
- I haven't drank soda since the summer of 07.
- I drink coffee once a month.
- Whenever I eat something sweet, I eat it in small quantity. Usually like once a week.
- I eat fruit/vegetables everyday.
- Drink at least 2,5 litres water a day.
- Always have my breakfast within 20 minutes after I wake up.

That sums it pretty much up. I think that I have a fairly healthy diet.
I go through phases myself. I normally eat fairly well though. My sister has spoken to me about her diets and nutrition for a good two years solid which had given me both knowledge and a conscience. Sometimes my attitude switches to "I'm still young, I'll worry about it when I'm older" but I snap out of it after a few days. Especially if I get a heart burn! I don't enjoy vegetables but I try and mash them in with more satisfying tastes and get them down the gob. I enjoy many fruits, though.

And a sneaky little pizza garlic bread with cheese here and there though. Shh, no 'arm done!


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I love my fruit/veg/salad but I'm guilty of eating crap too. At work I'm usually healthy because there's vending machines there for temptation, so I'll always buy fruit/salad from work and avoid the machines as often as possible!


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It's not healthy in the sense that it's not balanced. I don't eat fruits that much (rare! not even juices). But I like water instead of crappy drinks, for example. LOL. My meals are also home cooked (fresh) instead of preserved or prepared with lots of 'secret' additives.